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How can I automate switching to Firefox and changing config settings? - (Moved)

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Brand new AutoIT user. I've done some basic scripting with Python, Excel VBA, and the venerable AutoHotKey.


Could someone perhaps share some pointers on how I could do the following -


I want to make a hotkey so that if I press, say, win+ctrl+5, my current Firefox session will open a new tab (or opening a new session would work), go to about:config, and go to the "media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled" option, and toggle it from its current state, then close the tab.

A runner-up would be simply taking me to the about:config screen, pasting in "media.hardwaremediakeys.enabled", and then I manually toggle it and close the tab.


Please let me know if I should post elsewhere.

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Hey, @Timfey not sure which version of FF you're using, but if it's compatible with MozRepl, you can use the FF.au3 UDF and the following functions:

_FFPrefSet() (set a config entry)

_FFPrefGet() (gets existing config entry)

_FFPrefReset() (resets a config entry)

Firefox post-quantum doesn't support MozRepl, but I tested some active FF forks that still do support it and the XUL framework. I've listed those browsers here:

Hope this helps!

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