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I was recently creating a compilation script that randomizes the process order that it does.  The intent was to have a function or a system that could randomized a list of about 15 included scripts to run but have it so any script that has been run in the previous 5 loops couldn't be available to run again. I probably could have worded it better because I am fairly new to coding but any help is very much appreciated.


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2 minutes ago, pseakins said:

So, you say you have successfully written fifteen working scripts yet you need help writing a script run them? As a retired anti-virus programmer I find this very suspicious. Just saying.

Yes I know it sound very suspicious, I am a very new programmer when it comes to AutoIt as I only just started coding in all last year for school. The point is most of the scripts are just clicker scripts to automate responding various messages to scam emails. 

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Seems odd to me that you have scripts that have a specific purpose (respond / act to a specific situation), but you want run run them randomly.  

What is to guarantee that the random script run will actually work against the active situation?  If there is no guarantee, what is the value of blindly executing scripts?

Maybe some more details to make the picture clearer would help us understand better what you are trying to accomplish end goal, and help us help you better.


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@ScRqge Please post your code with a better explanation of what you're trying to accomplish.

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@pseakins Please review the forum rules under the Reporting section. If you think a thread is suspicious, please report and then move on, just that simple.

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.. On top of @JLogan3o13 question: you also need to explain why you felt the need create a new account after a thread was locked with your other account!


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