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trying to select/click on the file menu of a window.

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the following code was adopted form various topics vis the search to try to click on file then get click on an item under file

$winh = winactivate("Power")

$menuh = _guictrlmenu_getmenu($winh)

$titletxt = _guictrlmenu_getitemtext($menuh,0)   ; get File

; returns &File

$rc = winmenuselectitem($winh, "", $titletxt)

;  returns 0

; tied

$rc = winmenuselectitem(menuh,"", $titletxt)

; also returns 0

i need to click on File to get the dropdown

can you help?



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As per help file :


WinMenuSelectItem() will only work on standard menus. Unfortunately, many menus in use today are actually custom written or toolbars "pretending" to be menus. This is true for most Microsoft applications.

Try to make it worked with Notepad first.  We will be able to assist you since we do not have your application.

And use this tool, when you post code

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Try this :

#include <GuiMenu.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

Run ("notepad.exe")
$winh = WinWait("[CLASS:Notepad]")
ConsoleWrite($winh & @CRLF)

$menuh = _guictrlmenu_getmenu($winh)

$titletxt = _guictrlmenu_getitemtext($menuh,0)   ; get File

ConsoleWrite($titletxt & @CRLF)

$aRect = _GUICtrlMenu_GetItemRect($winh, $menuh, 0)

MouseClick("left", $aRect[0]+10, $aRect[1]+5, 1, 1)


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