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Is AutoIt a good fit for what I want to do?


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Hi everyone,


First of all, thank you for having me onboard, that's my first message here, and I'm not sure I'm posting in the correct section so, I apology if this is  not the correct section.

Here is an explanation of what I try to do:

I find myself changing my display settings several times a day, so I'm currently looking for a way to record these actions in a kind of macro-command.
The idea is to record what I'm doing in an executable file so that all I have to do is execute the file to have all the actions automatically done in one step, instead of doing them manually one by one.

Basically the actions I'm taking and I'd like to record in my macro-command are:
_ I right click on the desktop
_ I choose "Display settings"
_  I choose "Multiple displays", and I change from "Show only on 1" to "Extend these displays" (or vice versa)

Can you please tell me if AutoIt would be a good fit for this purpose, and what would be the steps to take in order to achieve my goal?

I have very basic coding skills (I did a bit of Python) and I first want to know is AutoIt is able to do this or not before I even try to use it.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Sure it should be able to do that but it is interesting that you change your settings multiple times a day. I find that puzzling. You’re going to want to search for UI automation in the FAQ 31 area

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1 hour ago, Earthshine said:

it is interesting that you change your settings multiple times a day

I actually used to do this as well. I have two computers and two monitors. In the morning I switch to my work computer by moving the cords from my personal computer. Windows politely remembers your last screen setup, but if you don't plug them in simultaneously then it's two changes.

DisplaySwitch.exe is what you're looking for from what I can tell. It won't let you select your primary display, but you can choose how your second screens are used.

DISPLAYSWITCH - Windows CMD - SS64.com

If you do want to change your primary display at the same time, I think UI Automation or some 3rd party apps are required. StackOverflow is failing me by providing the same answer repeatedly

Edit: This will jump you directly to the display settings screen

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl
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:lol: Just noticed there is a small bug in nirsoft tool.  In the VCP string of capabilities of my primary monitor, there is no space between one capability and the next :


(vcp(02 04 05 08 10 12 14(01 05 06 08 0B) 16 18 1A 60(01 03)6C 6E 70 C8 9B 9D 9F 9C A0 9EB0 B6 DF)prot(monitor)type(LCD)cmds(01 02 03 07 0C F3)mccs_ver(2.1)asset_eep(64)mpu_ver(V2.00)model(SA240Y bid)mswhql(1))

Nirsoft omits the 6C capability !  Funny...

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