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mutex, mutex ... tell me if i can accex

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Hey there,

I don't know if this is the right place to post ... My question is really windows specific and doesn't concern autoit in first place, but as I don't want to register on other forums for a single question and as AutoIt is microsoft specific (maybe there's some ms experts here) here I am.

So my question is 'quite' simple, but i will just explain some stuff before :

When working on a multithreaded programm, a simple way to handle memory concurrency is to use some locks. Among them, one that i usually use is the CriticalSection : it's damn fast and really easy to implement. In some cases, when computing with high frequencies, the use of a CriticalSectionAndSpinCount enhance the perf by some great factor, by halting the thread with a spin lock before calling the kernel.

Anyway what I presented (CriticalSection and CriticalSectionAndSpinCount) is a feature only usable in a single multithreaded programm.

Now what I want to know: I'm currently working on a distributed programming project, in which i have some shared memory between 2 programms. There is some critical data inside this shared chunk, and i want to use a mutex to switch on and off the read and write rights, there's some computation behind the scene and the read/write is switching quite fast, so using a simple mutex will only result in slowing down the programm in a manner I can't accept.

In the end, long story short : is there, on windows, a way to implement a cross programm mutex *with a spincount* ? or, at least, maybe something equivalent ?



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thanks, will take some time to dig inside msdn fishing for what could fit the best

To be honest i was asking as a lazy programmer: maybe someone already faced this situation before and could save me the time exploring solutions haha

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