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AutoStart Program - Run As Administrator and program password


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We have a program installed on  a stand-alone server and when it reboots, someone needs to login and actually run as administrator and login to the program for it to work. The current user has local admin rights but the program still needs to "Run As Administrator" so it doesn't require a U/N or PW to be entered.

I'm new to scripting and never really had to do anything like this in the past but I was wondering how would I go about:

*Automatically starting the program and running as admin at startup

*Clicking OK through the UAC

*typing in the program password and hitting ok? 

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Unfortunately, I think this may qualify as one of the topics that are against the Forum Rules (rule #1 - Bypassing of security measures - log-in and security dialogs, CAPTCHAs, anti-bot agents, software activation, etc.)  A moderator can correct me or clarify what "bypassing" means, but I suspect it may be synonymous with "automating."

Is the program in-house developed or specialized?  Can you share the name of the program?


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You don't mention what OS you are running. This will work with Windows 7.  It might work with Windows 10.

This will automatically signon to the OS.

Step 1 – Open run window (WINDOW + R) and type netplwiz and hit the Enter key. This will open the user accounts window.

Step 2 – You will see the list of account. Select the account you want to enable auto-login and then uncheck the box before “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” and click OK. See the below screenshot:

Step 3 – Now this will prompt username and password of the account you’d like to automatically log in. Click OK to apply changes.

All done. Reboot your Window system and check if the account is auto logged in on start.

To auto run a program when the PC starts up you need to create a call to the program running as admin.

Create an AutoIt script with this code:


Compile the script.

Do a right click on the Test1.exe file and select Create a shortcut.

Move the shortcut to the folder:

C:\Users\UserName\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Replace "UserName" with the user that logs in.

All done.


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