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After uninstalling AutoIt, .exe files crash right after being opened.

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3 hours ago, Twisted- said:

After I uninstalled AutoIt yesterday, my .exe files have not been working

Usually .exe files compiled with AutoIt do not require an existing AutoIt installation. Therefore you can e.g. pass them on to others on whose PC no AutoIt exists (as long as no antivirus software is nagging :rolleyes:). As ultima ratio just reinstall AutoIt and see what happens.




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I have done it multiple of times.  Taking an .exe from a development machine to a production one having no AutoIt installed and it has always worked fine.  But if you rely on some external files (dll, exe, etc), it might be the cause of your issue.  In all cases, it is a good practice when you do such development/production scripting to add log/debug traces into the scripts you programmed that can be enable/disable to see where can be a problem when it shows up.

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