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Hi Guys

To a clever person this could be easy, I'm struggling with it, it's to work out DCA of crypto purchases over time.

The problem

IF £30.34 buys 0.00128829 of a coin, how much does the full coin cost?

I do hope this isn't a taboo topic here, I'm not making a bot, just an analyzer for a .csv downloaded file

Thanks for looking.

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it should be:

A: B = C: D

30.34: 0.00128829 = C : 1   (C is the unknown)

c = (A * D) / B  (formula to find C)

c = (30.34 * 1) / 0.00128829

1 coin costs 23550.59807962493


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Hi again.

I have another mathematical issue, hopefully there is a solution.

I add up a lot of numbers similar to this 0.000012 when the result is in I divide it by another number an example

91.34 / 3069298.36814075

I get a long number with an -e at the end, I was expecting a number similar to 0.000011

Hopefully an easy answer

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