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Get the curosor info inside a foreing window


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Hello everyone! Is there a function in autoit to get the mouse info inside a foreign window? Like for example WinGetMouseInfo('Utitled - Notepad'). There is only the GuiGetCursorInfo() function but it only gets the infomation of the cursor inside of a Window created inside an AutoIt Script using  GUICreate and MouseGetPos to find the mouse info inside the desktop. Thanks!


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Not in a single function, but you can easily create your own. With GuiGetCursorInfo you get:

$aArray[0] = X coord (horizontal)
$aArray[1] = Y coord (vertical)
$aArray[2] = Primary down (1 if pressed, 0 if not pressed)
$aArray[3] = Secondary down (1 if pressed, 0 if not pressed)
$aArray[4] = ID of the control that the mouse cursor is hovering over (or 0 if none)

Use MouseGetPos for x/y coord with the appropriate Opt("MouseCoordMode", x)

Use _IsPressed to see if mouse down on prim and sec

Use _WinAPI_WindowFromPoint to get handle of the control based on position

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