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FileWrite - How to append a "tabbed" line

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I'd like to do use a tab indent on my results file for testing applications 

So when I open it in Excel it appears in column B 

I tried doing this but it just put the text on a newline without the indent 

FileWrite($TestResults, @CRLF & "Performance Tests:  " & $TestResultText)
FileWrite($TestResults, @CRLF & "   Time it took for element to appear")
FileWrite($TestResults, @CRLF & "   " & $fDiff)


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FileWrite in Excel ?  Since all the time you have been here, you should know that writing a few lines of code out of context is truly useless to us. It would be nice from time to time to post a runable script that we can use as the base to help you find a solution.

Anyway if you want to indent in excel, you need to use the property Range.IndentLevel like this :

$oWorkBook.ActiveSheet.Range("E5").IndentLevel = 2

Of course I have no idea if this is what you are looking for...

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