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Find and click on text in a TTree control


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I'm working on a script to automate adding items to a document management system (Dassault SmarTeam).  SmarTeam displays a list of items in a TTree control; I need to click on a line to highlight it before proceeding.  However, the actual text inside the control doesn't seem to be accessible in any way, it's not in "Visible text" or "hidden text".  Here the highlighted line (A.00 Tester Transfer....) was selected manually, but I need Autoit to find and select one of the lines below according to the displayed text (e.g. 120660-221) so it can do further work on that entry.  Any ideas?





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Turns out SmarTeam has a text search function which can search the displayed tree and leave the highlight on the search result; I was able to use that after sending a couple of up arrows to make sure the cursor is above the desired entry so it's the first result.

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