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Unable to traverse through ControlTree - Please help me

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Hello guys,

I am trying to automate a Pronto application using AutoIT. I was able to go down to the Tree Structure up until no. 3 as mentioned in my screen capture. However, I was unable to go to the sub child element from no.3. I used basic DOWN and RIGHT commands to go to no.3. I need you guys' help to go to No. 4 and then to No.5 and click on No.5.


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I don't have the client software to test with, but I would recommend seeing if you are able to use the _GUICtrlTreeView_* functions instead.  Those functions are a much more elegant and reliable way to interact with treeview controls instead of send keystrokes.  It would also be a meaningful exercise to improve your scripting skills.

You can use the Au3Info*.exe tool included with AutoIt it see what kind of control the treeview is using.  Drag the Finder Tool icon over the PRONTO treeview control, and if it is a SysTreeView32 class control you should be able to use the _GUICtrlTreeView_* UDF to automate it.


It if is not a SysTreeView control, there may still be a way to automate the control directly requires the use of more complex functions (i.e. IUIAutomation).
...just a recommendation

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