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Creating Bar Graphs in AutoIt GUI

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Here is my attempt to create a bar graph within the AutoIt GUI. (I know that it is also possible to graph things externally using excel.com).

Any improvements or suggestions are welcome.

;~ This can be used to create a Graph from the values in an array, using GUICtrlCreateProgress
;~ This only works properly in Windows XP if the style is set to "Windows Classic style" (otherwise the Progress Bar Style will be an ugly segmented type)
;~ To set this: Right mouse click on the Windows Desktop, Properties, Appearance, change "Windows and Buttons" to "Windows Classic style", "OK"

;constants that are required to create a GUI
#include <GUIConstants.au3>

;dimensions arrays where some numbers will be stored
Dim $arraynums[250]
Dim $progressbar[250]

;assigns random numbers to an array, so that we have something to graph
For $x = 1 To 249
   $arraynums[$x] = Random(41, 76, 1);Random ( [Min [, Max [, Flag]]] );flag 1 = integer

;creates a GUI of a specified name, size, and location
GUICreate("Graph Some Random Numbers...", 1270, 80, 1, 200)

;parameters for bar positions, maximum height, spacing, width, color
$rightcoord = 10
$downcoord = 10
$height = 50
$rightspacing = 5
$barwidth = 12
$color1 = 32250;blue =32250

;creates the adjacent Progress Bar controls, which will be used to graph the numbers
For $x = 1 To 249
   $progressbar[$x] = GUICtrlCreateProgress( ($rightcoord) + ($rightspacing * $x), $downcoord, $barwidth, $height, $PBS_SMOOTH + $PBS_VERTICAL)
   GUICtrlSetColor(-1, $color1)

;draws the Progress Bars at heights corresponding to the numbers in the array
For $x = 1 To 249
   GUICtrlSetData($progressbar[$x], $arraynums[$x])

;displays the GUI

;display until closed
   $msg = GUIGetMsg()
Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
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The DLL Call didn't work here... nothing changed. :whistle:

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Here is my attempt to create a bar graph within the AutoIt GUI. (I know that it is also possible to graph things externally using excel.com).

Any improvements or suggestions are welcome.

I like this script - good job! Consider using Labels instead of Progress bars to avoid that problem with XP progress bars. Just set the Background color to some color (I used blue in the below script).

;~ This can be used to create a Graph from the values in an array, using Labels with their background color set to blue
#include <GUIConstants.au3>

;~ It wouldn't be hard to modify this script to pass the numbers from parameters at runtime - In this case replace $NumBars with @NumParams and parse the parameters to find the Maximum parameter's number for $MaxNum
$NumBars = InputBox("Number of bars","Enter the number of bars you want","25")
$MaxNum = InputBox("Max value","Enter the maximum value you want the random data to have",250)

;~ You could keep this as a prompt before the graph is displayed, have a checkbox in the GUI that turns them on and off (by a for...next loop GUICtrlSetData()'ing each element in $TheBars[]) or by another parameter
$Labels = MsgBox(4,"Bar Labels","Do you want to display the data in the bars?")
Global $TheData[$NumBars], $TheBars[$NumBars]

;~ If you change the script to take the numbers by parameters, get rid of this section - it just creates random data.
For $i=0 To $NumBars-1
    $TheData[$i] = Random(0,$MaxNum,1)

$Graph = GUICreate("Bar Graph",640,480,-1,-1,$WS_MINIMIZEBOX + $WS_MAXIMIZEBOX + $WS_SIZEBOX)
For $i=0 To $NumBars-1
    If $Labels = 6 Then
        $ThisLabel = $TheData[$i]
        $ThisLabel = " "
    ;~ This builds in a 5 pixel margin on the left and right, but none above and below.  It could be changed to include vertical margins, or write another label 20 pixels above each bar that holds the label data - that way 0 would still be a visible data label.
    $TheBars[$i] = GUICtrlCreateLabel($ThisLabel,Round(5+($i*((640-10)/$NumBars)),0),Round(480-(480*($TheData[$i]/$MaxNum)),0),Round((640-10)/$NumBars,0)-1,Round(480*($TheData[$i]/$MaxNum),0),$SS_CENTER)
Edit: Pasting in code between the AutoIt tags seems to work better in a quick edit than the original post (indents are more obvious), so I re-pasted it. :-) Edited by james3mg
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This is a good idea, works far better with the DllCall on XP


that's a better way of doing it, you should make a udf

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Further to Automan Empires original script, here is a small function using the same method - but with dynamically generated window size etc.

; Get some constants!
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <ProgressConstants.au3>

; Some test data
Dim $inputdata[50]
for $i = 0 to ubound($inputdata)-1
    $inputdata[$i] = random(0,100)

; Draw the graph

; Function to draw a graph (modified
Func DrawGraph ($inputdataarray)

    ; Define colour scheme
    Local $col_winbackground   = 0x424242      ; Windows background colour
    Local $col_graphbar        = 0x338b31      ; Graph bar colour
    Local $col_graphtext       = 0x7b7b7b      ; Graph text colour

    ; Define amount of plots on X axis
    $x_plots = ubound($inputdataarray)

    ; Define graph display parameters
    $margin_x  = 10     ; X margin
    $margin_y  = 10     ; Y margin
    $barheight = 60     ; Height of progress bar
    $barwidth  = 9      ; Width of progress bar
    $bartrim   = 2      ; Overlap for the bars (usually 1 or 2)

    ; Define array for progress bar handles
    Dim $progressbar[$x_plots]
    ; Define array for holding the plot data
    Dim $plotdata[$x_plots]

    ; Create the GUI
    GUICreate("Graph", (($margin_x*2) + (($barwidth-$bartrim)*$x_plots)), 80)

    ; Create the bars of the graph
    For $x = 0 To $x_plots-1
        $progressbar[$x] = GuiCtrlCreateProgress ( $margin_x + ( $x * ( $barwidth - $bartrim ) ), $margin_y, $barwidth, $barheight, $PBS_SMOOTH + $PBS_VERTICAL)
        GuiCtrlSetColor($progressbar[$x], $col_graphbar)
        GUICtrlSetData($progressbar[$x], random(0,100))

    ; Display the GUI

    ; Loop until we close
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Until $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

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