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Is it possible to run a script in a secondary virtual desktop?

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What I am trying to do is running a script in another virtual desktop.

The script might be doing mouse moving or typing or whatever and my goal is to be able to still use the computer in another virtual desktop without being disturbed by the script actions and without disturbing the script.

I tried a simple script which types several times "a b c" in notepad. Created 2 virtual desktops with nView manager and set the script running on the second one. Then I change to the 1st virtual desktop.

The problem is that the key events then are sent to the 1st destop instead of to the 2nd desktop as I intend.

Is there any way to tell the script to send the events to a different virtual desktop?

Here is the very simple test script :

WinWait("Sin título - Bloc de notas","")
If Not WinActive("Sin título - Bloc de notas","") Then WinActivate("Sin título - Bloc de notas","")
WinWaitActive("Sin título - Bloc de notas","")

For $a=1 to 10 Step 1
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I don't think he means virtual machines. I don't have an nVidia card, so I can't test the software. Can you send keys directly to the window you're working with?

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