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I am trying to write a script to process and download reports off a webpage. In the past I have used safari or firefox and had this code run:

While PixelGetColor(180,67) <> 16711422



It would look at either the loading box in the status bar or in safari's case the address bar, which changes color as a page is loading. One problem in doing this is that the browser window has to be on a specific screen, at a specific size, and using a specific color theme.

I am now wanting to rewrite my scripts to work on Google's Chrome browser. I don't however see any pixel colors that I could observe changes in, to know if a page is finished loading. Does anyone know of a way that I could get this working?

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Have you tried the InetGet function? It uses IE, but doesn't require the browser to display or be a certain window size or any of the issues that can arise from automating a graphic process.

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