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Conway's Game Of Life

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Well, I looked around for this elsewhere but only found an implementation using asterisks and spaces. It didn't update too good either. I made this in a spare hour today; thought I'd throw it out there for fun.

The code can be downloaded from HERE.

It's not a complete work by any means. Ideally there'd be an associated UI and the ability to set your own starting pattern. Use the Global Const to make changes as required. Beware that it sucks CPU if you set the $timerDelay down too low.

Have fun.


EDIT: 4-June-2009

You now have the ability to set your own starting pattern which you can draw with the mouse.

Press "R" to set a random pattern

Press "C" to clear the pattern

Press "F5" to run the pattern

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By the way:

An example of a modified "Game of Life" visualization is present in YahELite's "/egg 2" command. [if in doubt, check the credits for YahELite, Conway is listed :D ]

[sS]Posted Image

Quite a strange and psychedelic display.

I'm also tempted to try something similar, but we'll see how much free time I have first.

Edit: I found This page containing an applet for another implementation. (Source available)

Edit: and this.

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Updated. See the first post for details. It's also a little more efficient (hopefully) on the drawing code since it doesn't draw cells that haven't changed from one iteration to the next.


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Looks really nice WBD. I had this always in mind to code GoL, too!

Personally the grid color is too bright. It looks better when it set darker, e.g. Global $hPen = _GDIPlus_PenCreate(0x7F3F3F3F) (my subjective opinion).

Keep your good work up!


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UEZ I think you're right about the grid. The other thing I never mentioned about the code is the function to create an angled gradient line brush; I haven't seen this elsewhere so perhaps it might be useful to someone.


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