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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#1754 Undocumented $sBasePath in _PathFull UDF Jpm Bug Documentation
#1756 Flaw in _GDIPlus_Startup on error Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1773 _GDIPlus Misspellings Jpm Bug Documentation
#1800 _ClipPutFile error 9 Bug AutoIt
#1805 Functions that modify files should not change encoding Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1823 Typo on documentation of GUICoordMode option. Bug Documentation
#1827 Typo on documentation of SendKeyDelay option. Jpm Bug Documentation
#1833 _arraydisplay : elements longer than 4094 bytes are like empty elements Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1836 _GUICtrlTreeView_InsertItem should return a handle, but it not Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1839 Bug of _GUICtrlTreeView_SetInsertMark Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1883 IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1923 Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose Jon Bug AutoIt
#1479 ListView WM_NOTIFY Message on x64 Returning Wrong Results Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1584 web - outdated year Jon Bug Documentation
#1816 _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText not properly work on Windows 7 x 64 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1844 SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF Jon Bug AutoIt
#1854 StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers Jon Bug AutoIt
#1860 DriveStatus Returns Ready with blank value Jon Bug AutoIt
#1891 _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description ? Jon Bug Documentation Other
#1895 Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init() Jon Bug Standard UDFs
#1910 Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW Jon Bug Documentation
#1920 Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1929 SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS Jon Bug Documentation
#1932 Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1586 DllStructSetData(char, 1, string-with-NUL-character), junk data(?) Jon Bug AutoIt
#1633 Second AdlibRegister function starts at once when first function is to slow Jon Bug AutoIt
#1746 Controls not found in moving from to Jon Bug AutoIt
#1908 ObjName returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1410 Using Pointer type with COM-object throws error. Jon Bug AutoIt
#865 winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 ObjEvent unhandled exception. Jon Bug AutoIt
#1565 Arrays as object properties; memory leak Jon Bug AutoIt
#1949 If using a 'ContinueCase' statement causes a script to stop/crash... Bug AutoIt
#1946 _WordCreate Error? Jon Bug AutoIt
#1956 COM error getting reference to document in frame Jon Bug AutoIt
#1009 Remove hard-coded calls to ConsoleWrite() in SQLite.au3 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1660 Mod function causes AutoIt to crash Valik Bug AutoIt
#1790 au3.api, AutoItSetOption, Optional indicator. Valik Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#1934 Au3check false error Valik Bug Au3Check
#2009 _GUICtrlToolbar_Create: $BTNS constants don't apply to this function Valik Bug Documentation Other
#2016 AU3Check will fail with DllCallAddress Bug AutoIt
#1813 Abs() and Mod() documentation Valik Feature Request Documentation
#1890 Add _WinAPI_GetParent in _WinAPI_GetAncestor related-section Valik Feature Request Documentation
#1933 _GetIP is outdated and could possibly fail. Valik Bug Standard UDFs
#1947 Add "Forward" button in the AutoIt HTML help (.chm file) Valik Feature Request Documentation
#1948 _GUICtrlButton_SetImage function description on SciTE tooltip Valik Bug Documentation
#1952 Autoit & https & _IEFormSubmit doesnt work. Bug AutoIt
#1975 IE object does not recognized as valid object type Valik Bug AutoIt
#1985 _IEAction($element, "focus") does not work in IE9 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1994 Confusing helpfile info... Valik Bug AutoIt
#2001 _GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonText: Example only works partially Valik Bug Documentation Other
#838 Better COM error handling. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#1147 Comparison of numbers against strings gives unexpected results Valik Bug AutoIt
#1519 Number conversion routines are inconsistent trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1694 Number(), Fails to return proper value for int32 value range case. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2033 Helpfile - TCPSend - non working Example trancexx Bug Documentation
#2036 Small error in GuiListView.au3 trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#1442 _FileWriteLog to allow allow file handle or filename as first parameter guinness Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1951 UDF _SQLite_SQLiteExe debug flag is not specified guinness Bug Documentation
#1982 FileGetShortName crashes when path is too long trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2004 _GUICtrlEdit_Find() Documentation guinness Bug Documentation
#2037 COM speed deterioration trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2046 DirGetSize ( '' ) doesn't return error Valik Bug AutoIt
#1658 COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#1777 Issues with Security.au3 Bug AutoIt
#1925 $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL missing in documentation guinness Feature Request AutoIt
#2034 _GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu - bug when BitOr($MF_BYPOSITION, $MF_STRING) is used trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#2042 Windows 8 support for @OS macros Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2048 WindowsConstants containing invalid variables guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2049 Missing WM_MESSAGES in WindowsConstants.au3 guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2051 Error at online documentation guinness Bug Documentation
#2055 Convert UDF's to struct* type AdmiralAlkex Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2060 UDFs Documentation issues guinness Bug Documentation
#2050 Handle should bei called filehandle guinness Bug Documentation
#2484 Description incorrect for _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetRECT Bug Documentation Other
#488 ObjGet() needs an instance parameter trancexx Feature Request AutoIt
#1257 Fix bugs in Static array handling trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1485 Hard crash with ContinueCase trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1970 Bug added to internal __FTP_ListToArray() guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2003 ProcessWaitClose() using too much CPU trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2015 DllCallbackRegister() mangles floating point numbers under x64 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2067 $n=-2147483648 is not an int32 trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2068 ACos() bug Valik Bug AutoIt
#2069 StringRegExpGui example produce 2 warnings Bug AutoIt
#2072 Tutorial RegExp - wrong word AdmiralAlkex Bug Documentation
#2073 ContinueLoop crashes script if nothing to jump trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2074 Example Opt MustDeclareVars is missing guinness Bug Documentation
#2076 Object value can't be set True trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2077 _GuiRichEdit_Create Bad HWnd Check AdmiralAlkex Bug Standard UDFs
#2078 Error in com expression trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2079 Missing quotes in go-Commandline in SciTE Jos Bug AutoIt
#2083 AU3Record.exe error "missing MSVCR100.dll" when trying to run it Valik Bug Other
#2088 _ArrayDisplay not handling Default parameters correctly trancexx Bug Standard UDFs
#2095 _FTP_ListToArrayEx Helpfile Typo guinness Bug Documentation
#2112 Running debugger window and clicking close script window makes this window inresponsive guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2113 AU3Check misinterprets some object's property names as AI keywords trancexx Bug Au3Check
#1319 AutoIt3.exe always exists after closing script with RichEdit trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1395 DLLCallbacks on Exit trancexx Bug AutoIt Other
#1760 #OnAutoItStartRegister, ignores single quoted function names. trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2070 _GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText() Crash guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2084 _ClipBoard_GetDataEx Help File Example crash guinness Bug Standard UDFs
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