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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#907 Local and Global varaibleas has no different Bug AutoIt
#908 GUICtrlSetImage needs wrong icon index to show needed icon Bug AutoIt
#909 WinActivate / WinExists / WinTitleMatchMode Title Bug Bug AutoIt
#910 Static Right justified text Bug Future Release Documentation
#911 MouseClickDrag speed patameter changes results Bug AutoIt
#913 Not get string from file (length ~1024) Bug AutoIt
#914 Not get string from file (length ~ 1024) Bug AutoIt
#915 Not get string from sile Bug AutoIt
#916 Line inversion in INet.au3 Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#917 Funciton FileRecycleEmpty() hangs Bug AutoIt
#919 Binary() is ignored in ConsoleWrite() Valik Bug AutoIt
#920 StringInStr does not work correctly Bug AutoIt
#921 AutoIt is retrieving wrong values from Data Base (AS400 Data Base) Jpm Bug AutoIt
#922 $CmdLineRaw does not allow pipes ('|') Bug AutoIt
#923 Tidy upcases .eval COM object method Jos Bug Future Release SciTE4AutoIt Other
#924 _ArrayDelete removes last entry when element beyond Ubound is specified Jpm Bug AutoIt
#925 Text not put in file, if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#926 Not read text from file OR function "msgbox" get value in clip if uncomment function "FileOpenDialog" Bug AutoIt
#927 $msg[2] = 0x00000000 in TreeView Bug AutoIt
#928 Using the power operator casts to int32 Bug AutoIt
#930 Arraydisplay does not display everything Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#931 GuiCtrlSetResizing error with graphic controls Jpm Bug AutoIt
#933 FileGetVersion() generates error when File Version attribute values contain leading 0 Bug AutoIt
#934 MouseGetCursor consumes left mouse clicks Jpm Bug AutoIt
#935 WinSetState() lags Bug AutoIt
#937 TrayItemSetState() and TrayItemGetState() Jpm Bug AutoIt
#939 IniRenameSection fails with "empty" section Bug AutoIt
#940 CPUArch macro is returning wrong processor architecture Bug AutoIt
#941 Changes to macro auto completion tips Bug AutoIt
#943 not correct prcocedure Bug AutoIt
#944 Self extractable file and documentation Bug Documentation
#945 script hangs the pc if run multiple time Bug AutoIt
#947 RegRead fails for the first try reading a key Valik Bug AutoIt
#948 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused Bug AutoIt
#950 ArraySort bug in some cases Bug AutoIt
#951 _ArrayDisplay - $iLVIAddUDFThreshold: 4000 ==> 65000 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#954 WinWaitActive("I/M Period End Processing",5) stalls autoit Bug AutoIt
#955 Worm WIN32/SillyAutoRun.AYD detected in EXE file Bug Aut2Exe
#956 SQLite include couldn't be handled by Obfuscator /striponly Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#958 _ArrayDisplay - bad centering of window after adjust its width Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#959 GUICtrlGetState doesn't work for listview with enable flag Bug AutoIt
#961 RegDelete fails to to delete reg key containing sub keys Jon Bug AutoIt
#963 Incorrect Sound.au3 Help file entries Jpm Bug Documentation
#964 _ArrayCombinations() not returning expected results. Bug AutoIt
#965 ListViewItem not responding to SetOnEvent Bug AutoIt
#969 FileFindNextFile @extended = 0 for folder $Recycle.Bin Jpm Bug AutoIt
#971 Func _GetIP() issues Bug AutoIt
#972 Example file incorrect Bug Documentation
#974 WindowFromPoint API function tagPoint structure on x64 based systems Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#975 GUICtrlCreateCheckbox() on tabs. Valik Bug AutoIt
#976 InetGet with more than 2 params fails Au3Check Bug Other
#977 Problem with object creation in GUICtrlCreateEdit. Bug Documentation
#979 _ArrayDisplay() - just old/incorrect syntax in header comment Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#982 Checkbox backcolor in tab Bug AutoIt
#983 InetGet* functions failing under XP SP2 Valik Bug AutoIt
#985 errors in der helpfile for AutoIt Beta Valik Bug Documentation
#986 _GUICtrlMenu_EnableMenuItem: improved example Bug AutoIt
#989 Autoitx3.dll in beta version Jon Bug AutoItX
#990 Wiki thumbnail creator broken Jon Bug Future Release Other Other
#991 64 bit Rgistry Bug with New Scite and Autoit Mismatch Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#993 _WinAPI_CreateWindowEx: Cannot find window class Bug AutoIt
#995 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused Bug AutoIt
#996 Beta documentation errors (Tweaky) Bug Documentation
#997 Not-updated documentation with regard to ablibEnable. Bug Documentation
#999 _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused Bug Future Release Documentation
#1000 Error Message Gary Bug AutoIt
#1001 Program crashes on standalone runtime but not when running from ide (Scite Bug Aut2Exe
#1002 GUICtrlSetData: Edit: default: Improved documentation Valik Bug AutoIt
#1003 FileSelectFolder: flag doesn't work as documented Bug AutoIt Other
#1004 _PathFull bug in beta autoit 3.3.1 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1005 TraySetClick bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1006 @MSEC should return time from 000 to 999 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1007 Help File: Un-needed include Valik Bug Documentation
#1008 Math function mod( ) result display bug Bug AutoIt
#1009 Remove hard-coded calls to ConsoleWrite() in SQLite.au3 Valik Bug AutoIt
#1010 FileRead UTF-8 auto-detection prevents reading of further files Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1011 GUICtrlSetOnEvent registeres also on Listviewitems created with _GUICtrlListView_AddItem and lparam Bug AutoIt
#1012 checkboxes Bug AutoIt
#1013 MDI childs doesn't adjust to parent windows client rect Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1014 ColorMode option Valik Bug Documentation
#1015 _SQLite_SaveMode() --> _SQLite_SafeMode() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1018 SplashImageOn example not correct for Vista Bug Documentation
#1019 _GUICtrlListView_SetItemCut and other UDF's not working correctly Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1021 AutoIt Installer broken Bug AutoIt
#1023 Error in document _FileListToArray Jpm Bug Documentation
#1024 GUICtrlSetTip for tabitems sets incorrectly in certain situations Jon Bug AutoIt
#1025 Box-comment in SciTe Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1026 _Gdiplus_BitmapCreate* functions document wrong resource disposal function Valik Bug Documentation
#1027 SS_BITMAP Constant Value is Wrong Valik Bug AutoIt
#1028 _ClipBoard_GetData does not work properly Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1030 Check spelling Bug Documentation
#1031 _ClipBoard_SetData inconsistency with new _ClipBoard_GetData Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1032 _winapi_getlasterror and _winapi_getlasterrormessage do not work as expected Bug AutoIt
#1033 UDF's missing @error checks after DLLCalls() Valik Bug AutoIt
#1036 InetClose and InetGetInfo error in compiled script (not in uncompiled script) Valik Bug AutoIt
#1037 tagNMHDR not working on x64 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1040 _ScreenCapture_Capture(): GDI object leak with cursor capture Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1041 WinExists Error Bug AutoIt
#1042 AURecord has problems with save/save as Jon Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1043 ClipPut Function bug or limitation Bug AutoIt
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