18:16 Ticket #1177 (Wrong Return values _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_GetCurSel) created by funkey
The return values are interchanged in …
10:35 Ticket #1176 (FileSetAttrib with recurse mode 1 not continue when file not found in ...) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
Hi, The problem is that when we set attributes using recursive mode, …
10:02 Ticket #1170 (Random(1,1,1) = 0) closed by Jpm
No Bug: in fact if you check the @error you will find that it is and error


16:59 Ticket #1175 (add the macro @CPUusage showing the current CPU load) closed by Valik
Rejected: 1. This is not suitable for a macro 2. This can be done (and probably has been done) via UDF.
15:24 Ticket #1175 (add the macro @CPUusage showing the current CPU load) created by anonymous
values: from 0 to 100 (in % like Task Manager shows in Performance …
04:09 Ticket #1174 (Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function) closed by Valik
No Bug: Err, okay. The RunErrorsFatal option had absolutely nothing to do with Execute. Further, the bug you describe does not happen with either or I suggest posting on the forum first in the future to ensure you really do have a bug.
01:30 Ticket #1174 (Fatal Error when "bad" code sent to Execute() function) created by autoit@…
In older versions, if the Execute function was passed a "bad" string …


16:05 Ticket #1173 (mysql UDF) closed by Valik
Rejected: First of all... link? Seriously, you can't even be bothered to provide a link? But then again, you also didn't really write much or actually make any attempt to articulate beyond a rudimentary mess. Second, did you look at the SQLite stuff already included in AutoIt? Third, did you not notice others have picked up the torch for MySQL functionality? I see at least one person state in the thread I have to find that they had their own MySQL library.
14:09 Ticket #1173 (mysql UDF) created by Tyger
Title: MySQL UDF functions Filename: MySQL.au3 Description: A …


17:08 Ticket #1172 (.NET controls in beta created by arthur@…
Great job in getting WM_GETCONTROLNAME into the system! .NET names …
16:45 Ticket #1171 (FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file) closed by Valik
No Bug: You can easily write something using FileFindFirstFile()/FileFindNextFile() if the built-in behavior is not satisfactory.
10:17 Ticket #1171 (FileDelete *.* stops on undeletable file) created by eric.peyremorte@…
The following command stop if one file is undeletable. It should go on …


02:26 Ticket #1004 (_PathFull bug in beta autoit 3.3.1) reopened by Valik
Sigh. This function is about to go the way of _StringAddThousandsSep(). Either I'm adding some obscure functionality or I'm fixing bugs that result from changing otherwise stable code. Anyway, anonymous users could open tickets for all of a week or something. That's when it became apparent that people who didn't have any business being alive couldn't be trusted with the responsibility to manage a ticket's state.


21:47 Ticket #1170 (Random(1,1,1) = 0) created by anonymous
random(1,1,1) = 0 in old autoit version (one year ago, or older) i …
16:20 Ticket #1167 (_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes) closed by Jpm
Fixed: already fix in next beta
16:17 Ticket #1166 (_GUICtrlMenu_GetItemCount() return value) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: Already fixed in next beta, perhaps without bug reporting as a complete UDF checking is being done for


18:27 Ticket #1169 (high-level Recording) closed by Valik
Rejected: You will get much better results writing something by hand than any automated tool can generate anyway.
09:03 Ticket #1169 (high-level Recording) created by hagikura
high-level Recording( Window component-based ) can be useful for auto …


23:26 Ticket #1161 (old colormode links and remarks.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed in version:
17:33 Ticket #351 (Reverse PixelSearch) reopened by Valik
This is not fully complete. Things that need done: * Better documentation. It's very hard to find the one sentence that mentions searching bottom-to-top is even possible. * It doesn't implement right-to-left searching.
11:27 Ticket #1168 (_ExcelBookOpen error on workbooks with hidden sheets) created by frubi
_ExcelBookOpen will run into an error, if the first sheet of the …
10:11 Ticket #1167 (_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes) created by ProgAndy
_FTP_ProgressDownload crashes with the message "error allocating …


08:56 Ticket #1166 (_GUICtrlMenu_GetItemCount() return value) created by anonymous
the UDF help says that on failure it returns 0 it should be -1 on failure


21:28 Ticket #1165 (_GUICtrlComboBoxEx_AddString as 64bit Script) created by yetrael@…
This piece of Code crashes when compiled as x64 script, on x86 …
11:13 Ticket #1164 (FileGetPos() after FileReadLine()) created by anonymous
FileGetPos() after FileReadLine() returns increment of 64, or EOF position.
05:10 Ticket #1163 (WinGetClassList - optional parameter for parent class only) closed by Valik
Rejected: The function _WinAPI_GetClassName() already exists in WinAPI.au3. There's no point in duplicating functionality.
04:37 Ticket #1163 (WinGetClassList - optional parameter for parent class only) created by rover
I would like to suggest adding a flag parameter to WinGetClassList to …


04:41 Ticket #1162 (Run ( "wrong file" )) created by Thunda9@…
Ok so path is very loooong &filename is very looong too run ( "Norton …


10:20 Ticket #1161 (old colormode links and remarks.) created by anonymous
old colormode links and remarks. counting 9 after help search for …


19:34 Ticket #1160 (GuictrlcreatePic not displaying over ListView in Win7) created by anonymous
Using Windows 7 RC the image will not display over a listview control. …
16:35 Ticket #1159 (To select an child from the device manager in win vista 32 bit machine) closed by Valik
Rejected: I suggest you read WikiStart.
08:13 Ticket #1159 (To select an child from the device manager in win vista 32 bit machine) created by shiva.2785@…
autoit script not working in Win vista for selecting a child from the …


20:48 Ticket #1158 (Global update the WinAPI.au3 library) created by Yashied
I suggest to include the following usefull functions in native AutoIt …
19:58 Ticket #1085 (General timer descrepancies) closed by Valik
No Bug: Microsoft lists 9 chipsets that are affected. I really don't think we need to document a problem that's due to a hardware defect on so few chipsets.
19:54 Ticket #1142 (_ArraySearch return 0 (number vs string)) closed by Valik
No Bug: The equality test is essentially: […] The statement Number("string") returns 0 which compares true against 0 which means the search was successful and the index was found. This is not a bug.
19:45 Ticket #1117 (_excelwriteformula quotes - possible bug) closed by Valik
No Bug: No useful information provided.
19:42 Ticket #1139 (Run filename plus path) closed by Valik
Fixed: This is already done in I changed the examples slightly as well.
19:34 Ticket #1102 (Doc, StringInStr, count.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed in version:
19:14 Ticket #1157 (Add Crypt.au3) created by Valik
Crypt.au3 needs cleaned up and added before the next beta (setting as …
19:05 Ticket #1156 (AutoItSetOption() generates a fatal error) created by Valik
AutoItSetOption() generates a fatal error when an invalid option is …
13:24 Ticket #1155 (_WinAPI_CreateSolidBitmap() is too slow) created by Yashied
As this is a very useful function is too slow, I suggest to replace it …


23:39 Ticket #1154 (ControlClick() and VB.NET compatibility) created by daniel_20_38@…
If a button in a VB.NET app is not visible (minimized, hidden, …
15:43 Ticket #1153 (User-defined libraries support with 'Open Include'.) created by anonymous
if possible, support for opening 'User-defined libraries' with …
15:07 Ticket #1152 (Please fix my bug!) closed by Valik
No Bug: This is not a support forum. Read WikiStart sometime in the next 48 hours while you are banned from the forum for your flagrant misuse of the issue tracker.
11:41 Ticket #1152 (Please fix my bug!) created by LVAC
I wrote a code and a part of it like this: [code] $root=ProcessList() …


16:48 Ticket #1151 (cSnippet Error _GUIImageList_AddIcon: -1) closed by Valik
Duplicate: You're annoying. First, you post an absolutely worthless screenshot to an old ticket. Then, because I deleted the useless screenshot, you create a new ticket to post the worthless screenshot. And do you know what you contribute? Absolutely nothing. Either figure out why the problem happens or stop wasting time. Closing as duplicate of #240.
09:21 Ticket #1151 (cSnippet Error _GUIImageList_AddIcon: -1) created by philip.hall@…
This is really an update to ticket #240. I'm hoping this will shed …


07:11 Ticket #1150 (TCPrecv returns @error=-1) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed in version:


16:28 Ticket #1150 (TCPrecv returns @error=-1) created by sksbir
I have noted that when the port is closed from remote side , TCPrecv …
07:02 Ticket #1148 (_ArraySort() Helpfile Typo) closed by Jpm
No Bug: nothing wrong tooltip indicate the default valut which is ascending and the doc say what is done when set to 1
00:55 Ticket #1149 (GUICtrlSetTrans()) closed by Valik
Rejected: You're right, it could be nice. If it were possible to do. And if it were possible to do... WinSetTrans() would already do it. But, it's not possible. So, rejected.
00:25 Ticket #1149 (GUICtrlSetTrans()) created by Info
Set the transparency of a GUI Control. Could be nice. :X


10:02 Ticket #1148 (_ArraySort() Helpfile Typo) created by anonymous
Helpfile lists: $iDescending [optional] If set to 1, sort descendingly …


06:28 Ticket #1144 (Typo in AutoIt help file (.chm)) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: duplicate ticket already fixed in beta. Thanks for trying beta before sumitting a new ticket.
06:23 Ticket #1140 (_ArraySearch return 0 (if $avArray is not a 1 dimensional array)) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed in version:
02:36 Ticket #1147 (Comparison of numbers against strings gives unexpected results) created by jchd
The wording used in the helpfile, Datatypes section (when a string is …


23:01 Ticket #1146 (Obfuscator & OnAutoItExitRegister.) closed by Jos
Fixed: It is just a matter of adding one line to obfuscator.dat: onautoitexitregister,1,0 Download the version available in the Beta Directory and save it in the Obfuscator program directory. Jos
19:46 Ticket #1146 (Obfuscator & OnAutoItExitRegister.) created by anonymous
OnAutoItExitRegister() set functions get stripped in Obfuscated …
19:39 Ticket #1145 (GUICtrlCreateTreeView() steals application focus) reopened by Valik
Your ticket describes activation, your example describes focus and demonstrates focus. It does demonstrate the problem for me on Fixing the ticket to describe the problem correctly. In the future, please submit carefully written and well thought out issues with examples to avoid further hassle.
17:16 Ticket #1145 (GUICtrlCreateTreeView() steals application focus) closed by Valik
No Bug: Go read WikiStart and stop wasting people's time, please. Not only did you fail to provide an example so I could show you where the problem in your code lies, you shouldn't have even been posting here in the first place.
12:19 Ticket #1145 (GUICtrlCreateTreeView() steals application focus) created by tayou fabrice
The following code steals focus from the active application even …
08:09 Ticket #1144 (Typo in AutoIt help file (.chm)) created by anonymous
Found a typo in the following section: Function Reference > File, …
04:27 Ticket #1143 (Winamp cause script to fail) closed by Valik
No Bug: That's nice. Now go read WikiStart to find out why this ticket has been closed.
04:11 Ticket #1143 (Winamp cause script to fail) created by anonymous
My script is heavy on ControlSend items I noted today while Winamp …


11:05 Ticket #1142 (_ArraySearch return 0 (number vs string)) created by JKFN
#Include <Array.au3> Dim $array[1] $array[0]=0 …


19:53 Ticket #1141 (@InetGetActive - @InetGetBytesRead not in au3.keyword.properties) closed by Valik
No Bug: Even though you filed this report against version you are clearly using the definitions for SciTE. The version of SciTE does not contain those macros, which is correct. I suggest using the definitions if you really are using the version of AutoIt. However, if you are using version of AutoIt, then read the changelog.
18:21 Ticket #1141 (@InetGetActive - @InetGetBytesRead not in au3.keyword.properties) created by cramaboule
Hello all, Those '@InetGetActive' and '@InetGetBytesRead' are not in …
12:22 Ticket #1140 (_ArraySearch return 0 (if $avArray is not a 1 dimensional array)) created by JKFN
WRONG: If UBound($avArray, 0) > 2 Or UBound($avArray, 0) < 1 Then …
02:21 Ticket #1139 (Run filename plus path) created by Richard Robertson <icekirby1@…>
The help pages for Run, RunWait, RunAs and RunAsWait functions could …


17:16 Ticket #1138 (XML) closed by Valik
Rejected: This has been answered so many times before.
08:18 Ticket #1138 (XML) created by athiwatc
XML has been a standard and I know there is a XML UDF out there. But …
01:46 Ticket #1137 (Change RegEnumKey/RegEnumVal error return to be more sensible.) created by xelotiac@…
Hello, I hope it will not be 'is a feature, not a bug' ;) Both …


17:39 Ticket #1136 (IsArray sets @extended=0) closed by Valik
No Bug: Sigh. Why do we bother writing documentation when people don't bother reading it. Try reading the documentation for SetExtended().
17:29 Ticket #1136 (IsArray sets @extended=0) created by anonymous
When i use function IsArray then resets @extended. In help for IsArray …
15:36 Ticket #1062 (language support) closed by Valik
No Bug: Due to lack of additional information I'm closing this as no bug.
15:23 Ticket #1133 (NOT and Int64 numbers) closed by Valik
Duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #767.
15:22 Ticket #1135 (bug with beta version about Option OnExitFunc) closed by Valik
No Bug: You don't say? Maybe you should try reading the changelog and the script-breaking changes page as well if you're going to use the beta? Otherwise, don't use the beta.
12:00 Ticket #1135 (bug with beta version about Option OnExitFunc) created by loulou
This instruction Opt("OnExitFunc", "EzSkinOnExitFunc") works well …
03:14 Ticket #1134 (Code cleanup of _FileWriteToLine()) created by partypooper@…
Just a slight code clean-up by reducing the number of lines required …


23:04 Ticket #1133 (NOT and Int64 numbers) created by anonymous
NOT only acts on 32bit part of Int64 numbers. Request to make it Int64 …
00:09 Ticket #1132 (@OSVersion Incorrect on Windows 7) closed by Valik
No Bug: AutoIt doesn't support Windows 7 because quite obviously AutoIt shipped before any publicly available version of Windows 7. Try the beta. ALWAYS try the beta before reporting a bug.
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