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Need to create a icon on the all users desktop


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I have been racking my head all day trying to get a routine i've written to place an icon on the all users profile desktop. Sounds easy right?... thats what I thought..... or maybe it really is as i'm pretty new to this and not in anyway shape or form a coder by trade.

This is the part of my code i'm having a problem with and the only thing I could come up with to do it. When It runs the "FileeMove" line it does work but for whatever reason loses the icon and description set with it. I have to believe there is a much more elegant way of doing this but there dosent seem to be any sort of %allusersprofile% type variables that can be used that I can find. Any help would be much appreciated.

$FileName = "C:\millennium\iiirunner.exe"

$LinkFileName = @DesktopDir & "\Millennium.lnk"

$WorkingDirectory = @DesktopDir

$Icon = "C:\millennium\iiirunner.ico"

$IconNumber = 0

$Description = "Innovative Interfaces Millennium"



FileMove (@DesktopDir & "\millennium.lnk", "c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop")

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