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GuiHotKey UDF


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This is a very small but useful UDF library for support native API HotKey controls. This library is written similary as other AutoIt GUI libraries. For more information, see detailed descriptions of all functions inside GuiHotKey.au3.

If you need more capacity to work with hot keys, you can use >HotKey UDF and >HotKeyInput UDF libraries.


Available functions








HotKey UDF Library v1.0

Previous downloads: 117



#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GUIHotKey.au3>

Global $HK, $VK

$hForm = GUICreate("MyGUI", 300, 92)
$hHotKey = _GUICtrlHotKey_Create($hForm, _GUICtrlHotKey_MakeKeyCode($HOTKEYF_ALT, $VK_F5), 20, 20, 260, 19)
$Button = GUICtrlCreateButton('OK', 115, 54, 70, 23)

While 1
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $Button
            $Code = _GUICtrlHotKey_GetHotKey($hHotKey)
            _GUICtrlHotKey_GetKeys($Code, $HK, $VK)
            MsgBox(64, "Info", "Hot key code:" & @TAB & "0x" & Hex($Code, 4) & @CR & "Key modifier flags:" & @TAB & "0x" & Hex($HK, 2) & @CR & "Virtual key code:" & @TAB & "0x" & Hex($VK, 2), 0, $hForm)
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I did the same thing last year. I just got mine out to test though and there are a few bugs, so I'll probably be using yours from now on :unsure:

The one thing I did like about mine was that it autoit hotkey strings rather than virtual keys. Saves a lot of hassle. All I need to do is fix mine so that using letters means lower case letter output unless shift is pressed (like autoit does).

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Hi :)

Very nice UDF ! Thanks a lot ! It was really helpfull !

BTW, when I try to use it with the function "_IsPressed" it works with every HotKey like "A, B, C, F12, F5, etc..." but it doesn't work with CTRL + F2 or ALT + F1

If _IsPressed(Hex($Code, 4))

There is another way to do this?

Thank ! :)

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