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guictrlread() clarify please?

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i'm having an obviously retarded problem.

i'm trying to use radio buttons to do stuff.

the problem with this is that after i started messing with GUICtrlRead()

i realised exactly how little i understand about this thing.

when the radio is unchecked it returns 4. not always 4. when it's checked, it returns 1, as far as i can see at least...

the help file, however, says it should return

The control identifier (controlID) as returned by a GUICtrlCreate... function.

in other words, i should see $GUI_CHECKED... in my ini file....

i understand this sounds COMPLETELY retarded, but i can't understand it in any other way.

please clarify what exactly i should see from guictrlread().

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i'm using autoit

i'm not sure whether it affects the situation...

is it possible that due to some circumstances, $GUI_CHECKED could be 1 and $GUI_UNCHECKED be 4?

i dumped their values into a text file aswell and they indeed are 4 and 1. to be honest, i'm slightly confused.

wouldn't it be easier to just write them off as natural numbers instead of constants hidden in a file?

do they change under any circumstances?

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$GUI_CHECKED and $GUI_UNCHECKED are variable representations of the actual numeric values which are 1 and 4 respectively

If BitAnd(GUICtrlRead($somecontrol), $GUI_UNCHECKED) = $GUI_UNCHECKED Then

is the same as

If BitAnd(GUICtrlRead($somecontrol), 4) = 4 Then

If you open the GUIConstantsEx.au3 file you can see what the actual values are.

Until you are totaly familiar with the numeric values I suggest you stay with the variable names and in fact most people will tell you to always use the variables. I always use them when the code will be read by others and I use only the numeric values when it's for me only. Any speed difference would be milli-microseconds at best so that's not a consideration.


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