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Little help with RegExp


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Hello all,

I have the following string

RxBuffer = (79,1bit,1256)

and I want to replace the last numbers to obtain this string

RxBuffer = (79,1bit,n)

I wrote this regular expression

$line = StringRegExpReplace($line, "RxBuffer\s?=\s?\((\d+),(\dbit),(\d+)\)", "RxBuffer = ($1,$2,n)")

But the replaced string is that:

RxBuffer = (79,1bin)

Using online tools (like gskinner.com) I checked the sintax and seems to be ok.

Can anyone help me to find the mistake?


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Works fine for me, pulling the code straight off the page and running it. Perhaps $line contains something other than what you wrote?

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Really, checking this simple "standalone" code it works fine to me too.

$line = "RxBuffer = (79,1bit,1256)"
$line = StringRegExpReplace($line, "RxBuffer\s?=\s?\((\d*),(\dbit),(\d*)\)", "RxBuffer = ($1,$2,n)")

Actually, in my code $line is read from a text file. May be there is something wrong in my code or some "odd" character like linefeed, carriage return or tab.

I have to look into...


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