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Simple Fast URL + IP Spider

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Hi ! I made a program, soo i kinda thought i should post this here too as long as im release'ing it :). the program check's all the IP's in the world and notes if they're websites or active and nonactive IP's...

heres the code !

#include <INet.au3>
if FileExists("last.tsf") = False then $start = InputBox("Please enter start ip", "Enter the ip to start from ( default )")
$end = "999.999.999.999"
if FileExists("last.tsf") = True then $start = FileReadLine("last.tsf", 1)
if $start = "" then $start = ""
if $end = "" then $end = "999.999.999.999"
if $start <> "" then $ip = StringSplit($start, ".")
$ip1 = $ip[1]
$ip2 = $ip[2]
$ip3 = $ip[3]
$ip4 = $ip[4]
$web = 0
HotKeySet("{DEL}", "_exit")
    $ip5 = $ip1 & "." & $ip2 & "." & $ip3 & "." & $ip4
    if $ip2 = 999 then 
        $ip2 = 0
        $ip1 = $ip1 + 1
    if $ip3 = 999 then 
        $ip3 = 0
        $ip2 = $ip2 + 1
    if $ip4 = 999 then 
        $ip4 = 0
        $ip3 = $ip3 + 1
    $ping = ping($ip5, 200)
    if $ping <> 0 then $web = _INetGetSource($ip5)
    if $web <> "" then FileWriteLine("websites.tsf", $ip5)
    if $web <> "" then $web = 0
    ToolTip("Ip Address: " & $ip5, 0, 0)
    if $ping <> 0 then FileWriteLine("activeip.tsf", $ip5)
    if $ping = 0 then FileWriteLine("inactiveip.tsf", $ip5)
    $ip4 = $ip4 + 1
    until $ip5 = $end or $ip5 > $end
    TrayTip("Done!", "World Wide Spider Completed!", 0)
    func _exit()
        FileWriteLine("last.tsf", $ip5)

Thought you guys in autoit developement would want to see this :(

This is a Idea script not a full script... so it would probably take thousands of years for you to finish all the IP's in the world :)

ANYWAY! The original post is here Simple URL + IP Spider

And i know the title is wrong The fast part ^^ not really :) thousands of years isnt fast :idea:

Edited by Zibit
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I can hardly believe that someone actually gave 5 stars to THIS??

This is ridiculous - trying to ping everything and IP addresses going to 999.999.999.999 :)

Too bad I can't do anything to rate it down except giving it 1 star (even 1 star is too much).


SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

wannabe "Unbeatable" Tic-Tac-Toe

Paper-Scissor-Rock ... try to beat it anyway :)

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Quite good but not useful! I don't know what is this program's destination? 2* from me!

Edited by logmein
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As enaiman was saying going to 999.999.999.999 is retarded. If you know anything about IP the highest is not only that but anything above is not used on the internet as its either multicast or reserved.

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Zibit, the script is well written but I do suggest that you do a little research on IP addressing standards and CIDR notation. Don't let the AutoIT elitists (jerks) get you down. Most of us are scripters here and we are all still learning every day. Thanks for posting and I hope to see more from you in the future. :)

To the rude posts before me, regardless of the usability of the content, is this how you treat people who only want to share and expand the community? I am appalled. :idea:

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Want to make it take less time Zibit? See Manadar's multi-threaded pinging script:


Combine that with the above 255 suggestions, should move along much better. Toss in a pretty GUI and I think it would be fun to sit back and watch for a while! :idea:


My projects:

  • IP Scanner - Multi-threaded ping tool to scan your available networks for used and available IP addresses, shows ping times, resolves IPs in to host names, and allows individual IPs to be pinged.
  • INFSniff - Great technicians tool - a tool which scans DriverPacks archives for INF files and parses out the HWIDs to a database file, and rapidly scans the local machine's HWIDs, searches the database for matches, and installs them.
  • PPK3 (Persistent Process Killer V3) - Another for the techs - suppress running processes that you need to keep away, helpful when fighting spyware/viruses.
  • Sync Tool - Folder sync tool with lots of real time information and several checking methods.
  • USMT Front End - Front End for Microsoft's User State Migration Tool, including all files needed for USMT 3.01 and 4.01, 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Audit Tool - Computer audit tool to gather vital hardware, Windows, and Office information for IT managers and field techs. Capabilities include creating a customized site agent.
  • CSV Viewer - Displays CSV files with automatic column sizing and font selection. Lines can also be copied to the clipboard for data extraction.
  • MyDirStat - Lists number and size of files on a drive or specified path, allows for deletion within the app.
  • 2048 Game - My version of 2048, fun tile game.
  • Juice Lab - Ecigarette liquid making calculator.
  • Data Protector - Secure notes to save sensitive information.
  • VHD Footer - Add a footer to a forensic hard drive image to allow it to be mounted or used as a virtual machine hard drive.
  • Find in File - Searches files containing a specified phrase.
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