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Gui Message box over Lockscreen

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Hello all,

Over the last few weeks I have received great help and code ideas from the AutoIt forum, but I just can't seem to find anything about this one. I know the limitation of working with GUI item under a Windows lockscreen (Win+L), but all I need is to have some sort of window, with a message, pop up on the screen, even if Windows is locked. It needs to work in a Domain environment, and stand-alone system.

Ideally, the "Message" window will pop up in the top left corner of the LockScreen, so as not to cover the Ctl-Alt-Del window, and only have the option of "OK" to close it. The ability to close the message after a time would be nice, but is not required.

I know that MsgBox won't work; tried it, failed.

I have tried things like:

GuiCreate("GUI", 400, 400, 20, 20, $DS_SETFOREGROUND, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)

And tried many style and exStyle options. I can't seem to find anything that will work.

I am not opposed to using a DLL call or a 3rd-party program to do this, but I can't find one in the wild.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.



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