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Process Functions UDFs questions

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I am trying to is Ascend4nt's Process Functions UDFs http://sites.google.com/site/ascend4ntscode/processfunctions to get the path of a process.

Here is my code obviously I am doing something wrong, however I not sure what as I can't find any help-file on this UDF.

#include "_ProcessFunctions.au3"
$handle = _ProcessOpen(3800,1)
$path = _ProcessGetPathname($handle)

this just gives an empty messagebox

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Play around with 'TestProcessFunctions'. It will give you the code you need to open a process handle, call, and close a process handle. It even gives you the attributes to set.

Try this (replace "autoit3.exe" with the processname you wish to get. NEVER use a process ID like 3800 as these are transitory)

#include <_ProcessFunctions.au3>
$path = _ProcessGetPathname($hProcess)

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