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Need help about numbers scanning :(

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  • We don't post code for reading Captchas.
  • We don't post code to help someone break the EULA of multi-player games.
  • We don't post cheat engines.
  • We don't post key loggers.
  • I don't work on anything that even resembles game code.
  • I don't like people who try to cheat their way through life
  • I have some very unique replies for people who attempt to PM me about anything in these lists
To put it so you may understand it.

You may have to wait quite a while for help and that help won't be coming from me.

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pervert, you need to go through a process's memory chunk by chunk, check the protection type, scan it if its readable, save the locations, move to the next block, and repeat. You'll also need to calculate offsets and how they relate to the base address of the main module. Additionally, memory allocated dynamically will quite likely never be in the same place, so be prepared for failure. All of this is probably above your level of experience, and if so - why not keep using CheatEngine?

If not, prepare to dig into learning to code and be frustrated by what limitations you have. Why? Because memory scanning isn't something AutoIT is particularly good at. Use C/C++ and/or Assembly language code to scan for data.

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