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Parallelport with Win7 64Bit

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I've written a short Script using the inpout32.dll for accessing the Parallelport. With 32 Bit Win it works.

Now I changed to Win 7 64 Bit and i tried to use the inpout64x.dll. But it doesn't work.

The result of the DLLcall is always "0".

Problems could be:

- Convert the 32Bit Variable into 64Bit Variable

- use of hwinterfacex64.sys. Where to copy, how to use?

Perhaps you can help me getting the script to work well.

Many thanks.

Informations about the dll:



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Is it so difficult or so boring? Please help me.

I'm sure that there are some cracks, that know how to use a 64Bit dll.


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1. Get the better (working) versions here -> 'InpOut32 and InpOutx64'

2. Check for @AutoItX64, if that is non-zero, then load the inpoutx64 DLL, otherwise load inpout32

3. Make sure the driver installed ($aRet[0] will be non-zero if it is installed):


4. Use the right calling conventions:





Note also that there are now word and doubleword variants of the input/output functions.;)

By the way - thanks for making me aware of this. Using this I've created a simple I/O Functions UDF. I've combined it with trancexx's '_Beep' function to make a Windows 7 x64 working speaker-Beep function :)

P.S. What modern motherboard actually has a parallel port? Those died out years ago, partially because of the ancient interface, and probably because using the parallel port sucked up 100% of the CPU (at least on XP)!

*edit: I/O Functions UDF link

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