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scrollwheelright and scrollwheelleft

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I have an intellimouse explorer 4.0 usb mouse with tilt wheel left and right functions

which frankly virtualy are never used.

I would like to know if autoit supports the scrollwheelright and scrollwheelleft functions

so that they can be used for useful purposes other than the ocasional scroll left and right.

I couldnt see any posts on this rarely used mouse switch and as far as i can see with all the googling

I have done their doesnt seem to be any remapping capability either.

Any help or suggestions gratefully recieved. :)

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This is just a guess, but have you installed IntelliPoint? Explorer 4.0 is on the supported list. I think it can change the mouse wheel action.

If you have Windows 7 (maybe Vista/XP too, can't remember) you will find it among the optionals in Windows Update as "Microsoft Hardware USB Mouse". Or use the disc you got with the mouse / download from Microsoft.

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Thanks for the reply Yes all drivers software etc tried.

it turns out that side scrolling is not supported on xp which I have

and is supported on vista and Seven.

I assume Autoit cant bring anything to the party here.

It seems upgrade or do without.

Naturally if anyone knows different please contact me.

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Horizontal scrolling is available via the WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message (0x020E), which should be available if Intellipoint or some compatible software is installed. Check WM_MOUSEHWHEEL and 'Best Practices for Supporting Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Devices' (which was published pre-Vista).

There's sample C code in that article, and WM_MOUSEHWHEEL is defined, along with some other constants, and these comments:

// These values must be defined to handle the WM_MOUSEHWHEEL on 
// Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the first two values will be defined 
// in the Longhorn SDK and the last value is a default value 
// that will not be defined in the Longhorn SDK but will be needed for 
// handling WM_MOUSEHWHEEL messages emulated by IntelliType Pro
// or IntelliPoint (if implemented in future versions).
#define WM_MOUSEHWHEEL                          0x020E
#define SPI_GETWHEELSCROLLCHARS                 0x006C
#define SPI_SETWHEELSCROLLCHARS                 0x006D

Hope it helps.

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