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Random Problems Extraction

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I'm having a little bit troubles with my current project. Basically, it's a Mathematics Problem Generator. I have, like 1000 problems. Each problem can be stored in a text file, with less than 500 bytes long.

The problem is that, I haven't found a way, to store those problems efficiently. What I mean is that it should take as little disc space as possible, and the reading speed should be acceptable, and when loading the problem, it shouldn't take much RAM.

I'm thinking about storing each problem in each separated file naming from Problem 1.txt to Problem 1000.txt.

But since each problem is less than 500 bytes. And any file which is less than 4kB, when stored in my computer, will take up to 4kB disc space. So even a 500 bytes file will takes up 4kB space on the disc. That's 8 times bigger than the actual size. So, I'm also thinking about grouping 8 problems into 1 single file. But when generating the problem, the program will have to read the whole file (this is RAM con-summing), and take one arbitrary problem from that set of 8 problem (reading speed).

I hope I'm being clear enough.

I wonder if there's some way that is more efficient than storing each problem in a single file like that? Can someone please give me a push?

Thanks everyone very much,

And have a good day, :)

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INI file, XML file, SQLite database file, etc., etc.

Lots of options for more efficient storage.


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Why worry about disk space?

1000 x 4KB equals to about 4 megabytes. No big deal on todays computers.

When space is an issue (USB device, transferring over slow connection ...) put everything into a single ZIP-file and unzip it on the target device.

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