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Create Tray Menu and Items if User in Specifc Group

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Hey, I currently have a script that runs like a persistent app that is always in the tray of the computer. Currently it runs the same for all users. We want to make it where if a member of the "Domain Admins" group logs in than it will show a 2nd Menu called "Admins" in the application.

I attached the current menu of the program when you right click it. If you look at it you see there is already a menu called Utilties, we want to do another menu like it (right below it) that says "Admins" and will only show it you are logged in as a user that is a member of the Domain Admins group in AD.

We already included the AdFunctions.au3 file and have the command to use the IF statement to see if they are a member.

We got it to where we have the menu and the items but we can't get them to execute any commands when clicked because when it launches as a user that isn't a member it says variable not declaired.

I attached a copy of the current code (we removed some of the pieces that contain usernames and passwords to run some commands.



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