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Preventing popup

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Hi all,

I search how to lock a popup.

When we right click on an icon in system tray and choose "close application" a popup display "Thank you for used my application" .

and I want block this popup.

The only method I find is like this :

While 1
    $EtatTV = WinGetState("Fermer TeamViewer")
    If BitAND($EtatTV, 4) Then
        WinSetState("Fermer TeamViewer", "", @SW_HIDE)

but we see a split second the window...

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Yeah, i think youll always see the window for a split second...

Dont think its possible to really prevent it to apear.

It is possible to close it right after it opens, i would use a different way to close it.

Have you tried:

WinWaitActive ("TeamViewerPopup", "Thank you")
WinClose ("TeamViewerPopup", "Thank you")

Where is WinClose, can also be used WinKill, syntax is the same.

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IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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