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Get some collection of information to help user open a ticket at a 'service desk'

- User ID: Login Name of User

- Model: Model of PC

- Service Tag: Service tag or serial number of the PC (Tested on Dell)

- Computer Name: Identification of the PC

- IP Address: All Network adaptors with IP address

If the adaptor if not currently in use, mentions '(Disabled)' after the IP address

WLan connection : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

LAN Connection : xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Disabled)

Putclip when done




CheckUpdate - SelfUpdating script ------- Self updating script

Dynamic input validation ------------------- Use a Input masks can make your life easier and Validation can be as simple

MsgBox with CountDown ------------------- MsgBox with visual countdown

Display Multiline text cells in ListView ---- Example of pop-up or ToolTip for multiline text items in ListView

Presentation Manager ---------------------- Program to display and refresh different Border-less GUI's on a Display (large screen TV)

USB Drive Tools ------------------------------ Tool to help you with your USB drive management

Input Period udf ------------------------------ GUI for a period input

Excel ColorPicker ---------------------------- Color pickup tool will allow you to select a color from the standard Excel color palette

Excel Chart UDF ----------------------------- Collaboration project with water 

GetDateInString ------------------------------ Find date/time in a string using a date format notation like DD Mon YYYY hh:mm

TaskListAllDetailed --------------------------- List All Scheduled Tasks

Computer Info --------------------------------- A collection of information for helpdesk

Shared memory Demo ----------------------- Demo: Two applications communicate with each other through means of a memory share (using Nomad function, 32bit only)

Universal Date Format Conversion -------- Universal date converter from your PC local date format to any format

Disable Windows DetailsPane -------------- Disable Windows Explorer Details Pane

Oracle SQL Report Generator -------------  Oracle Report generator using SQL

SQLite Report Generator -------------------  SQLite Report generator using SQL

SQLite ListView and BLOB demo ---------- Demo: shows how binary (image) objects can be recognized natively in a database BLOB field

DSN-Less Database connection demo --- Demo: ActiveX Data Objects DSN-Less Database access

Animated animals ----------------------------- Fun: Moving animated objects

Perforated image in GUI --------------------- Fun: Perforate your image with image objects

UEZ's Perforator major update ------------- Fun: Pro version of Perforator by UEZ

Visual Crop Tool (GUI) ----------------------- Easy to use Visual Image Crop tool

Visual Image effect (GUI) -------------------- Visually apply effects on an image




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    • By RestrictedUser
      Hi AutoIt scriptwriters! 
      In some of windows operating systems, i saw that "Administrator" and "Guest" username in different languages are "Administradore" and "Gast" and etc. 
      How to make a simple script to find Administrator and Guest username in different language in these systems?
    • By LWC
      I have multiple network adapters but only one is actually connected.
      I thus use @IPAddress1 in my scripts whereas @IPAddress2-4 return
      But recently I've installed the VirtualBox emulator and it took over @IPAddress1 which means my real connection is now @IPAddress2.
      Why is that? Is there a way to make AutoIt skip to @IPAddress2 if @IPAddress1 is used by an emulator?
      In the attached screenshot it's temporarily disabled so I can revive my scripts which all already use @IPAddress1.

      Update: here's the solution.
    • By RestrictedUser
      Hello Guys and AutoIt Scriptwriters!🎉❤️
      I've created a script to notify to me if RDP main IP changed then send a message via Telegram bot to me
      But some of my RDP's Main IP are @IPAddress1 or @IPAddress3 or Public IP Address...
      I want to detect automatically the IP that windows client can run RDP to remotely control
      This image can help you that what i say, there are three RDP with specified IP, i want to run script in these RDP's then capture those IP's changes then notify me via Telegram bot

    • By argumentum
      ..was looking for UserName from SessionID so I put this together
      #include <Debug.au3> ; for _DebugArrayDisplay() ; all you can get from _WTSQuerySessionInformation() Global $i = _WTSQuerySessionInformation(-1, 4) ; current user's SessionId Global $__a_WTS_INFO_CLASS = StringSplit("WTSInitialProgram,WTSApplicationName,WTSWorkingDirectory,WTSOEMId,WTSSessionId,WTSUserName," & _ "WTSWinStationName,WTSDomainName,WTSConnectState,WTSClientBuildNumber,WTSClientName,WTSClientDirectory,WTSClientProductId,WTSClientHardwareId," & _ "WTSClientAddress,WTSClientDisplay,WTSClientProtocolType,WTSIdleTime,WTSLogonTime,WTSIncomingBytes,WTSOutgoingBytes,WTSIncomingFrames," & _ "WTSOutgoingFrames,WTSClientInfo,WTSSessionInfo,WTSSessionInfoEx,WTSConfigInfo,WTSValidationInfo,WTSSessionAddressV4,WTSIsRemoteSession", ",", 2) For $n = 0 To UBound($__a_WTS_INFO_CLASS) -1 ConsoleWrite($n & @TAB & StringLeft($__a_WTS_INFO_CLASS[$n] & ' ________________', 24) & " " & _WTSQuerySessionInformation($i, $n, 1) & @CRLF) Next Global $a = ListUserSessions() _DebugArrayDisplay($a, "ListUserSessions()") Func ListUserSessions() ; mod. of https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/139774-dllcall-and-returned-pointers/?do=findComment&comment=980850 Local $_Self_SessionId = _WTSQuerySessionInformation(-1, 4) ; -1 = current user ; 4 = WTSSessionId Local Enum $e_IsSelf_SessionId, $e_SessionName, $e_UserName, $e_SessionId, $e_StateName, $e_StateInt, $e_ClientName, $e_ClientIp, $e_Domain, $e_UBound Local Const $tagWTS_SESSION_INFO = 'dword SessionId;ptr WinStationName;uint State' Local $aResult = DllCall('wtsapi32.dll', 'int', 'WTSEnumerateSessionsW', 'ptr', 0, 'dword', 0, 'dword', 1, 'ptr*', 0, 'dword*', 0) If @error Or $aResult[0] = 0 Then Return SetError(1, 0, "") ; https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/wtsapi32/ne-wtsapi32-_wts_connectstate_class Local $aConnectionState = StringSplit("Active,Connected,ConnectQuery,Shadow,Disconnected,Idle,Listen,Reset,Down,Init", ",", 2) Local $tInfo, $Offset = 0, $c = 0, $aReturn[$aResult[5] + 1][$e_UBound] ; $e_UBound is the last enumerator, just to determine the size of the array $aReturn[0][$e_SessionId] = "ID" $aReturn[0][$e_SessionName] = "SessionName" $aReturn[0][$e_StateInt] = "StateInt" $aReturn[0][$e_StateName] = "State" $aReturn[0][$e_UserName] = "UserName" $aReturn[0][$e_ClientName] = "ClientName" $aReturn[0][$e_ClientIp] = "ClientIp" $aReturn[0][$e_Domain] = "Domain" For $i = 1 To $aResult[5] $tInfo = DllStructCreate($tagWTS_SESSION_INFO, $aResult[4] + $Offset) $Offset += DllStructGetSize($tInfo) $c += 1 $aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId] = DllStructGetData($tInfo, 'SessionId') $aReturn[$c][$e_SessionName] = DllStructGetData(DllStructCreate('wchar[1024]', DllStructGetData($tInfo, 'WinStationName')), 1) $aReturn[$c][$e_StateInt] = DllStructGetData($tInfo, 'State') If UBound($aConnectionState) > $aReturn[$c][$e_StateInt] Then $aReturn[$c][$e_StateName] = $aConnectionState[$aReturn[$c][$e_StateInt]] $aReturn[$c][$e_UserName] = _WTSQuerySessionInformation($aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId], 5) ; WTSUserName $aReturn[$c][$e_ClientName] = _WTSQuerySessionInformation($aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId], 10) ; WTSClientName $aReturn[$c][$e_ClientIp] = _WTSQuerySessionInformation($aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId], 14) ; WTSClientAddress $aReturn[$c][$e_Domain] = _WTSQuerySessionInformation($aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId], 7) ; WTSDomainName $aReturn[0][$e_IsSelf_SessionId] = $c If $_Self_SessionId = $aReturn[$c][$e_SessionId] Then $aReturn[$c][$e_IsSelf_SessionId] = 1 Else $aReturn[$c][$e_IsSelf_SessionId] = 0 EndIf Next DllCall('wtsapi32.dll', 'none', 'WTSFreeMemory', 'ptr', $aResult[4]) Return $aReturn EndFunc ;==>ListUserSessions Func _WTSQuerySessionInformation($SessionId, $WTSInfoClass = 10, $iReturnAsIs = 0) ; mod. of https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/134679-get-hostname-of-the-client-connected-to-the-terminalserver-session/ Local $aResult = DllCall("Wtsapi32.dll", "int", "WTSQuerySessionInformation", "Ptr", 0, "int", $SessionId, "int", $WTSInfoClass, "ptr*", 0, "dword*", 0) If @error Or $aResult[0] = 0 Then Return SetError(1, 0, "") Local $ip = DllStructGetData(DllStructCreate("byte[" & $aResult[5] & "]", $aResult[4]), 1) DllCall("Wtsapi32.dll", "int", "WTSFreeMemory", "ptr", $aResult[4]) If $iReturnAsIs Then Return $ip Switch $WTSInfoClass ; https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/wtsapi32/ns-wtsapi32-_wts_client_address Case 4 ; WTSSessionId Return Int('0x' & StringTrimRight(StringReverse($ip), 3)) Case 14 ; WTSClientAddress If Not (Int(StringLeft($ip, 4)) = 2) Then ; IPv4 $ip = "" Else $ip = Dec(StringMid($ip, 15, 2)) & '.' & Dec(StringMid($ip, 17, 2)) & '.' & Dec(StringMid($ip, 19, 2)) & '.' & Dec(StringMid($ip, 21, 2)) EndIf EndSwitch Return StringReplace(BinaryToString($ip), Chr(0), "") EndFunc ;==>_GetWTSClientName  
    • By bouzzi
      Hi guys,
      I'm trying to make a script that could tell me, from a username list file,  if the username is active, inactive or not existant  in a multi-domain Active Directory....
      I found a few scripts giving me hints but I found nothing to help me to accomplish this task...
      Do you have any ideas !
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