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win wait active function

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Hello all,


            I am using win wait active function( which  takes the title of the window as input )to pause the script until a particular window with the given title pops up.My script was not waiting till the window was fully loaded, instead its just recognising the title and executing the script.  

            I used sleep function, but it doesn't seems to be generic as the duration varies for diferent machines. Is there any function which waits till the window is fully loaded.


            Please do share, if you have any idea.

Thank you

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WinWaitActive should wait for the window to be active..

Could you show us the code?


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Is there a line of text in the program's window that appears when the program is 'active enough' for your script to proceed? There is a text parameter for WinWaitActive function. You could use the ControlCommand function to check any buttons or other kind of control to be active or inactive.. When and if you post your code, please use the autoit tags, or the blue button with an A.

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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I usually use WinWaitActive of winwaitclose then, that means I wait for the window is really present and if present hope to continue to be close to the action, but in your script wait for the window to appear immediately and will continue running to the next step, not needed to sleep.

Simple Exapmle:

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Notepad]", "")
MsgBox(0,"Continue Script","Notepad its closed"&@CRLF&"Here Continue Script")

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Being active does not mean the window is enabled...a window must be enabled to accept clicks, sends, etc


Loop through ^ until enabled is included (check with BitAnd).

I also like to then loop until my controls is present, and enabled.


It makes a script that runs 90% of the time, run 99% of the time.

Edited by jdelaney

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