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Hello   , everyone

can some one explain on script how to make expired

Even if the user changes the history / time and re-setup new Windows

i just want program expired in 30 days after i convert script to exe

dumb question i know

just help if u can :)

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An option could be check an unique hardware id with some data in a server.



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Welcome to the AutoIt forums!

But... You can't just go asking other people to write a script for you, especially not in your first post. People are here to donate their time (for free!) to help other people solve the issues they are having while writing a program, not for just writing entire scripts for free.

I guess the easiest solution to your problem is to hardcode a date in your script and use _DateDiff() (click it to read the online helpfile, which contains a complete working example) to check the current date against that date. There are still a number of vulnerabilities with that, but start from there.

If you have further questions, start a new topic on this forum, show the code that you have tried to write and explain the issue you have trouble with. Good luck!

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Please keep communications in open forum, not PM.  This ensures that all members can participate in learning/teaching.

Also, please read the forum rules.  The code you PM'ed me is for a game and not allowed.


Forum Rules         Procedure for posting code

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Can OP tell me why, if I did not respond directly to this post, I was sent a PM, asking me for help on this subject.


The PM contained code for a game as well.

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