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well. Reading in msdn I found an interface to run a Gadget. So I wrote it. 


#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Global Const $sCLSID_DesktopGadget = "{924CCC1B-6562-4C85-8657-D177925222B6}"
Global Const $sIID_IDesktopGadget = "{C1646BC4-F298-4F91-A204-EB2DD1709D1A}"
Global Const $sTagIDesktopGadget = "RunGadget hresult(wstr);"

Global Enum $eNoShared = 1, $eShared, $eAll

Local $aGadGets = _GetGadget($eAll)

If IsArray($aGadGets) Then
    For $i = 1 To $aGadGets[0]
        If StringInStr($aGadGets[$i], "CPU") Then ;Run CPU GadGet


Func RunGadget($sGadGetPath)
Local $oDesktopGadget = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_DesktopGadget, $sIID_IDesktopGadget, $sTagIDesktopGadget)
if not IsObj($oDesktopGadget) then Return False
return SUCCEEDED($oDesktopGadget.RunGadget($sGadGetPath))
EndFunc   ;==>RunGadget

Func _GetGadget($GadgetType = $eNoShared)
    Local $aNoSharedGadGets = 0
    Local $aSharedGadGets = 0
    Local $aGadGets = 0
    Local $Size = 0
    Local Const $sSharedGadget = @ProgramFilesDir & "\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets"
    Local Const $sNoShared = @ProgramFilesDir & "\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"
    If $GadgetType < $eNoShared Or $GadgetType > $eAll Then Return 0

    If BitAND($GadgetType, $eNoShared) Then $aNoSharedGadGets = _FileListToArray($sNoShared, Default, Default, True)

    If BitAND($GadgetType, $eShared) Then $aSharedGadGets = _FileListToArray($sSharedGadget, Default, Default, True)

    If IsArray($aSharedGadGets) And IsArray($aNoSharedGadGets) Then
        $Size = UBound($aNoSharedGadGets) - 1 + (UBound($aSharedGadGets) - 1)
        _ArrayConcatenate($aNoSharedGadGets, $aSharedGadGets, 1)
        $aGadGets = $aNoSharedGadGets
        $aGadGets[0] = $Size
        If IsArray($aSharedGadGets) Then $aGadGets = $aSharedGadGets
        If IsArray($aNoSharedGadGets) Then $aGadGets = $aNoSharedGadGets
    $aSharedGadGets = 0;Free
    $aNoSharedGadGets = 0 ;Free

    Return $aGadGets

EndFunc   ;==>_GetGadget

    Return ($hr >= 0)
EndFunc   ;==>SUCCEEDED





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