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well. Reading in msdn I found an interface to run a Gadget. So I wrote it. 


#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Global Const $sCLSID_DesktopGadget = "{924CCC1B-6562-4C85-8657-D177925222B6}"
Global Const $sIID_IDesktopGadget = "{C1646BC4-F298-4F91-A204-EB2DD1709D1A}"
Global Const $sTagIDesktopGadget = "RunGadget hresult(wstr);"

Global Enum $eNoShared = 1, $eShared, $eAll

Local $aGadGets = _GetGadget($eAll)

If IsArray($aGadGets) Then
    For $i = 1 To $aGadGets[0]
        If StringInStr($aGadGets[$i], "CPU") Then ;Run CPU GadGet


Func RunGadget($sGadGetPath)
Local $oDesktopGadget = ObjCreateInterface($sCLSID_DesktopGadget, $sIID_IDesktopGadget, $sTagIDesktopGadget)
if not IsObj($oDesktopGadget) then Return False
return SUCCEEDED($oDesktopGadget.RunGadget($sGadGetPath))
EndFunc   ;==>RunGadget

Func _GetGadget($GadgetType = $eNoShared)
    Local $aNoSharedGadGets = 0
    Local $aSharedGadGets = 0
    Local $aGadGets = 0
    Local $Size = 0
    Local Const $sSharedGadget = @ProgramFilesDir & "\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets"
    Local Const $sNoShared = @ProgramFilesDir & "\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"
    If $GadgetType < $eNoShared Or $GadgetType > $eAll Then Return 0

    If BitAND($GadgetType, $eNoShared) Then $aNoSharedGadGets = _FileListToArray($sNoShared, Default, Default, True)

    If BitAND($GadgetType, $eShared) Then $aSharedGadGets = _FileListToArray($sSharedGadget, Default, Default, True)

    If IsArray($aSharedGadGets) And IsArray($aNoSharedGadGets) Then
        $Size = UBound($aNoSharedGadGets) - 1 + (UBound($aSharedGadGets) - 1)
        _ArrayConcatenate($aNoSharedGadGets, $aSharedGadGets, 1)
        $aGadGets = $aNoSharedGadGets
        $aGadGets[0] = $Size
        If IsArray($aSharedGadGets) Then $aGadGets = $aSharedGadGets
        If IsArray($aNoSharedGadGets) Then $aGadGets = $aNoSharedGadGets
    $aSharedGadGets = 0;Free
    $aNoSharedGadGets = 0 ;Free

    Return $aGadGets

EndFunc   ;==>_GetGadget

    Return ($hr >= 0)
EndFunc   ;==>SUCCEEDED





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    • By junkew
      Working on a new version of iuiautomation and uia wrappers I needed a better way of getting my interface's
      Concept version 0.6 to generate based on idl file an au3 file with the definitions.
      As allways its more complicated then I thought ;-) due to small differences in the idl files on closing braces, separating inheritance colon inconsistencies in the idl tool that generates them so most likely its better to write a lexer/parser then the search/replace I do now
      typelibinspector but could not generate them all at once aiowrappergenerator was generating for aio and not for objcreateinterface based on tli interfaces / xml but seemed incomplete Known issues
      Enums without given constant values to be filled in manually Enum adding fix first parameter to have a $ Empty interfaces fail on _ to be replaced with "" propput and propget deal with methods with same name Must be wrapped in main function $i counting to be done differently Working on the typedef's and replacements of identifiers in the string (some are replaced) enum automatically is a long typedefs are automatically assumed an int (which is not perfect but a start) struct like POINT pt is now generated as int Testing/debugging Choices done
      get_ and put_ prefixing only for put_ as that will have less impact on existing scripts that do not use get_ like ControlViewWalker, Current.. properties etc.

      So instead of Global Const $sIID_IUIAutomationCacheRequest = "{B32A92B5-BC25-4078-9C08-D7EE95C48E03}" Global $dtagIUIAutomationCacheRequest = _ "AddProperty hresult(int);" & _ "AddPattern hresult(int);" & _ "Clone hresult(ptr*);" & _ "get_TreeScope hresult(long*);" & _ "put_TreeScope hresult(long);" & _ "get_TreeFilter hresult(ptr*);" & _ "put_TreeFilter hresult(ptr);" & _ "get_AutomationElementMode hresult(long*);" & _ "put_AutomationElementMode hresult(long);" it will be like (see for example TreeScope and put_TreeScope)
      Global Const $sIID_IUIAutomationCacheRequest = "{b32a92b5-bc25-4078-9c08-d7ee95c48e03}" Global $dtagIUIAutomationCacheRequest= _ "AddProperty hresult(struct);" & _ "AddPattern hresult(int);" & _ "Clone hresult(ptr*);" & _ "TreeScope hresult(long*);" & _ "put_TreeScope hresult(long);" & _ "TreeFilter hresult(ptr*);" & _ "put_TreeFilter hresult(ptr);" & _ "AutomationElementMode hresult(long*);" & _ "put_AutomationElementMode hresult(long);"  
      Win 10 SDK installed at location as given in constants to have IDL file Output
      File with same name as idl in scriptdir with  extension au3 having the definitions for OBJCreateInterface
        Example output
      ;~ // ;~ // IUIAutomation ;~ // ;~[object, uuid(30cbe57d-d9d0-452a-ab13-7ac5ac4825ee), pointer_default(unique)] ;~interface IUIAutomation : IUnknown Global Const $sIID_IUIAutomation = "{30cbe57d-d9d0-452a-ab13-7ac5ac4825ee}" Global $dtag_IUIAutomation= _ "CompareElements hresult(IUIAutomationElement*el1,IUIAutomationElement*el2,int*);" & _ "CompareRuntimeIds hresult(SAFEARRAY(int)runtimeId1,SAFEARRAY(int)runtimeId2,intareSame);" & _ "GetRootElement hresult(IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "ElementFromHandle hresult(UIA_inthwnd,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "ElementFromPoint hresult(intpt,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "GetFocusedElement hresult(IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "GetRootElementBuildCache hresult(IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "ElementFromHandleBuildCache hresult(UIA_inthwnd,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "ElementFromPointBuildCache hresult(intpt,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "GetFocusedElementBuildCache hresult(IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "CreateTreeWalker hresult(IUIAutomationCondition*pCondition,IUIAutomationTreeWalker**);" & _ "ControlViewWalker hresult(IUIAutomationTreeWalker**);" & _ "ContentViewWalker hresult(IUIAutomationTreeWalker**);" & _ "RawViewWalker hresult(IUIAutomationTreeWalker**);" & _ "RawViewCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "ControlViewCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "ContentViewCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateCacheRequest hresult(IUIAutomationCacheRequest**);" & _ "CreateTrueCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateFalseCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreatePropertyCondition hresult(intpropertyId,variantvalue,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreatePropertyConditionEx hresult(intpropertyId,variantvalue,longflags,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateAndCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition*condition1,IUIAutomationCondition*condition2,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateAndConditionFromArray hresult(SAFEARRAY(IUIAutomationCondition)conditions,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateAndConditionFromNativeArray hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**conditions,intconditionCount,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateOrCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition*condition1,IUIAutomationCondition*condition2,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateOrConditionFromArray hresult(SAFEARRAY(IUIAutomationCondition)conditions,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateOrConditionFromNativeArray hresult(IUIAutomationCondition**conditions,intconditionCount,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "CreateNotCondition hresult(IUIAutomationCondition*condition,IUIAutomationCondition**);" & _ "AddAutomationEventHandler hresult(inteventId,IUIAutomationElement*element,longscope,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationEventHandler*);" & _ "RemoveAutomationEventHandler hresult(inteventId,IUIAutomationElement*element,IUIAutomationEventHandler*);" & _ "AddPropertyChangedEventHandlerNativeArray hresult(IUIAutomationElement*element,longscope,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationPropertyChangedEventHandler*handler,int*propertyArray,int);" & _ "AddPropertyChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationElement*element,longscope,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationPropertyChangedEventHandler*handler,SAFEARRAY(PROPERTYID));" & _ "RemovePropertyChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationElement*element,IUIAutomationPropertyChangedEventHandler*);" & _ "AddStructureChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationElement*element,longscope,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationStructureChangedEventHandler*);" & _ "RemoveStructureChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationElement*element,IUIAutomationStructureChangedEventHandler*);" & _ "AddFocusChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationFocusChangedEventHandler*);" & _ "RemoveFocusChangedEventHandler hresult(IUIAutomationFocusChangedEventHandler*);" & _ "RemoveAllEventHandlers hresult);" & _ "IntNativeArrayToSafeArray hresult(int*array,intarrayCount,SAFEARRAY(int)*);" & _ "IntSafeArrayToNativeArray hresult(SAFEARRAY(int)intArray,int**array,int*);" & _ "RectTovariant hresult(intrc,variant*);" & _ "variantToRect hresult(variantvar,int*);" & _ "SafeArrayToRectNativeArray hresult(SAFEARRAY(double)rects,int**rectArray,int*);" & _ "CreateProxyFactoryEntry(IUIAutomationProxyFactory hresult*factory,IUIAutomationProxyFactoryEntry);" & _ "ProxyFactoryMapping(IUIAutomationProxyFactoryMapping hresult);" & _ "GetPropertyProgrammaticName(int hresultproperty,int*);" & _ "GetPatternProgrammaticName(int hresultpattern,int*);" & _ "PollForPotentialSupportedPatterns(IUIAutomationElement hresult*pElement,SAFEARRAY(int)*patternIds,SAFEARRAY(BSTR)patternNames);" & _ "PollForPotentialSupportedProperties(IUIAutomationElement hresult*pElement,SAFEARRAY(int)*propertyIds,SAFEARRAY(BSTR)propertyNames);" & _ "CheckNotSupported(variant hresultvalue,intisNotSupported);" & _ "ReservedNotSupportedValue(IUnknown hresult**notSupportedValue);" & _ "ReservedMixedAttributeValue(IUnknown hresult**mixedAttributeValue);" & _ "ElementFromIAccessible hresult(IAccessible*accessible,intchildId,IUIAutomationElement**);" & _ "ElementFromIAccessibleBuildCache hresult(IAccessible*accessible,intchildId,IUIAutomationCacheRequest*cacheRequest,IUIAutomationElement**);" ;~}  
      #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <StringConstants.au3> #include <Array.au3> ;~ testit() ;~ Exit Local $IDLFolder="C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.17763.0\um\" Local $IDLFileName="UIAutomationClient.idl" Local $IDLFullFileName = $IDLFolder & $IDLFileName Local $IDLArray = FileReadToArray($IDLFullFileName) Local $iLineCount = @extended Local $IDLAU3FullFileName=@ScriptDir & "\" & $IDLFileName $IDLAU3FullFileName=stringreplace($IDLAU3FullFileName,".idl",".au3") If @error Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "There was an error reading the file. @error: " & @error) ; An error occurred reading the current script file. exit EndIf Local $hFileOpen = FileOpen($IDLAU3FullFileName, $FO_OVERWRITE ) If $hFileOpen = -1 Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "An error occurred whilst writing the new au3 file.") exit EndIf ;~TODO: Naming prefixing Global $interfaceName Global $GUID Global $i=0 while $i < $iLineCount - 1 ;~ consolewrite($i) $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] $blockType=0 if stringleft($tLine,2)="//" then $blockType=1 if stringleft($tLine,4)="cpp_" then $blockType=1 if stringleft($tLine,1)="#" then $blockType=1 if stringleft($tLine,6)="import" then $blockType=1 if stringleft($tLine,4)="midl" then $blockType=1 if $blockType=1 Then writeCommentedLine() continueloop; EndIf if stringleft($tLine,4)="enum" then $blockType=2 handleEnumBlock() EndIf if stringinstr($tLine, "module ") > 0 then $blockType=3 handleModuleBlock() EndIf if stringinstr($tLine, "[object") > 0 then $blockType=4 handleObjectBlock() EndIf if stringinstr($tLine, "interface ") > 0 then $blockType=5 handleInterfaceBlock() EndIf if $blockType=0 Then writeUnhandledLine() EndIf WEnd func writeUnhandledLine() filewriteline($hFileOpen,";~" & $tline) $i=$i+1 EndFunc func writeCommentedLine() $tLineOut=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) if $tLineOut <> "" Then $tLineOut=";~" & $tLineOut filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tLineOut) $i=$i+1 EndFunc func handleEnumBlock() writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy enum line $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy curly brace line $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] while stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) <> "};" $tPos=getPosFirstNonWhiteSpace($tLine) if ($tpos=0) or (stringmid($tLine,$tPos+1,2)="//") Then writeCommentedLine() Else $tLine=stringleft($tLine,$tPos) & "Global Const $" & stringmid($tline,$tPos+1) $tLine=stringreplace($tLine, ",","") $tLine=stringreplace($tLine, "| ","+ $") writeEnumLine() EndIf $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] WEnd EndFunc func writeEnumLine() filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tline) $i=$i+1 EndFunc func handleModuleBlock() writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy module line $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy curly brace line $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] $tValue=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) ;~ Some end with }; and some with } while stringleft($tValue,1) <> "}" $tPos=getPosFirstNonWhiteSpace($tLine) if ($tpos=0) or (stringmid($tLine,$tPos+1,2)="//") Then if ($tpos=0) then $i=$i+1 ;~ Do no output Else writeCommentedLine() EndIf Else $tLine=stringreplace($tline,"const long ", "Global Const $") $tLine=stringreplace($tLine, ";","") writeModuleLine() EndIf $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] $tValue=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) WEnd writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy curly closing brace line EndFunc func writeModuleLine() filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tline) $i=$i+1 EndFunc func handleObjectBlock() writeCommentedLine() $tPos=stringinstr($tLine,"(") $tPos2=stringinstr($tLine,")") $GUID=stringmid($tLine,$tpos+1, $tPos2-1 - $tpos) ;~ consolewrite($GUID & @CRLF) EndFunc func handleInterfaceBlock() if stringright($tLine,1)=";" Then writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy Interface line its just a definition line Return EndIf writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy interface line $interfaceName=getInterfaceName() writeInterFaceLine1() $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] ;~ writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy curly brace line $i=$i+1 ;~ Do no output $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] $tValue=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) ;~ Some end with }; and some with } while stringleft($tValue,1) <> "}" $tPos=getPosFirstNonWhiteSpace($tLine) if ($tpos=0) or (stringmid($tLine,$tPos+1,2)="//") Then if ($tpos=0) then $i=$i+1 ;~ Do no output Else $i=$i+1 ;~ Do no output, AU3 does not like it in multiline strings ;~ writeCommentedLine() EndIf Else while stringright($tLine,1) <> ";" $i=$i+1 $tLine=$tLine & stringstripws($IDLArray[$i], $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) wend writeInterfaceLine() EndIf $tLine=$IDLArray[$i] $tValue=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) WEnd ;~ consolewrite($IDLArray[$i-1] & @CRLF) ;~ consolewrite($IDLArray[$i] & @CRLF) ;~ consolewrite($IDLArray[$i+1] & @CRLF) writeCommentedLine() ;~ Copy curly closing brace line EndFunc func writeInterFaceLine1() $tOutputLine="Global Const $sIID_" & getInterfaceName() & " = " $tOutputLine=$tOutputLine & """" $tOutputLine=$tOutputLine & "{" & $GUID & "}" $tOutputLine=$tOutputLine & """" filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tOutputLine) $toutputLine = "Global $dtag" & getInterfaceName() & "= _" & @CRLF filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tOutputLine) EndFunc func writeInterfaceLine() $tmpLine=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) if stringleft($tmpLine,1)="}" Then filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tmpLine) $i=$i+1 return EndIf ;~ Handle get/put properties prefix local $strPrefix="" if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[propget]")>0 then ;~ no prefix for the get as its more logical/natural in AutoIt to do it without (as oppossed to C where get_ is more logical ;~ $strPrefix="get_" ;~ consolewrite($tmpLine & @CRLF) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "[propget] ", "", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) EndIf if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[propput]")>0 then ;~ prefix for the put as it can get in conflict with the get duplicate name $strPrefix="put_" ;~ consolewrite($tmpLine & @CRLF) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "[propput] ", "", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) EndIf ; $tmpLine ="HRESULT FindAll ([in] enum TreeScope scope,[in] IUIAutomationCondition * condition, [out, retval] IUIAutomationElementArray ** found );" ;~ $tmpLine="[propget] HRESULT PropertyId ([out, retval] PROPERTYID * propertyId );" ;~ $tmpLine="HRESULT GetCurrentPropertyValue ([in] PROPERTYID propertyId,[out, retval] VARIANT * retVal);" ;~ $tmpLine="HRESULT FindAllBuildCache ([in] enum TreeScope scope,[in] IUIAutomationCondition * condition,[in] IUIAutomationCacheRequest * cacheRequest,[out, retval] IUIAutomationElementArray ** found );" $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "HRESULT", "hresult", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "VARIANT", "variant", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "BSTR", "bstr", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "BOOL", "bool", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "void", "none", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) ;~ Some where we are sure it should not be an int $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "POINT", "struct", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "PROPERTYID", "struct", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "RECT", "struct", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "UIA_HWND", "hwnd", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) ;~ Some cleanup for parsing later $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "(", " (") $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, " (", " (") $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, " );", ");") ;~ remove the pointer references for in/out parameters if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[in")>0 then $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "[propget] ", "", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "**", "SINGLESTAR") $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "*", "") $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "SINGLESTAR", "*") EndIf ;~ For out parameter we keep the pointer * if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[out")>0 then $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "[propget] ", "", 0, $STR_CASESENSE) $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "**", "SINGLESTAR") ;~ $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "*", "") $tmpLine=stringreplace($tmpLine, "SINGLESTAR", "*") EndIf $tmpLine=StringRegExpReplace($tmpLine,"[A-Z]+ ","int ") ;~ TODO: assumption full uppercase is a TYPEDEF frequently int but definitily not sure $tmpLine=StringRegExpReplace($tmpLine,"enum [A-Za-z_]+ ","long ") ;~ An enum followed by an identifier is normally a long $tmpLine=StringRegExpReplace($tmpLine,"\[.*?] "," ") ;~ [in, out] stuff followed by space we normally ignore, space we keep for separator ;~ reshuffle and remove varnames $aArray=stringsplit($tmpLine," ") if ($aArray[0] < 2) then _arraydisplay($aArray) consolewrite(stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING)) consolewrite($tmpLine) EndIf $tOutputLine= $strPrefix & $aArray[2] & " " & $aArray[1] For $j = 3 To $aArray[0] $strAppend= $aArray[$j] if (stringright($aArray[$j],1))= "," then $strAppend= ";" if (stringright($aArray[$j],1))= ";" then if $aArray[$j]<>"();" then $strAppend= ");" EndIf $strAppend=getnewtype($strAppend) $tOutputLine= $tOutputLine & $strAppend Next ;~ $tOutputLine= $tOutputLine & $aarray[$aArray[0]] $tOutputline = @TAB & """" & $tOutputLine & """" $tValue=stringstripws($IDLArray[$i+1], $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) ;~ sometimes its not just 1 line ahead for closing but 2 lines ahead if $tValue="" then $tValue=stringstripws($IDLArray[$i+2], $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) endif if (stringleft($tValue,1) <> "}") then $tOutputLine= $tOutputLine & " & _ " filewriteline($hFileOpen, $tOutputLine) $i=$i+1 EndFunc func getPosFirstNonWhiteSpace($str) Local $aArray = StringToASCIIArray($str) for $i=0 to ubound($aArray)-1 if $aArray[$i]<>32 Then return $i Next return 0 EndFunc func getInterfaceName() $tmpLine=stringstripws($tLine, $STR_STRIPLEADING + $STR_STRIPTRAILING) $tArr=stringsplit($tmpLine," ") $tName=$tarr[2] if stringright($tname,1)=":" then $tName=stringleft($tname,stringlen($tname)-1) return $tname EndFunc func testIt() ;~ $tmpline="HRESULT SetFocus ( );" ; $tmpLine ="HRESULT FindAll ([in] enum TreeScope scope,[in] IUIAutomationCondition * condition, [out, retval] IUIAutomationElementArray ** found );" $tmpLine="[propget] HRESULT PropertyId ([out, retval] PROPERTYID * propertyId );" ;~ $tmpLine="HRESULT GetCurrentPropertyValue ([in] PROPERTYID propertyId,[out, retval] VARIANT * retVal);" ;~ $tmpLine="HRESULT FindAllBuildCache ([in] enum TreeScope scope,[in] IUIAutomationCondition * condition,[in] IUIAutomationCacheRequest * cacheRequest,[out, retval] IUIAutomationElementArray ** found );" $strPrefix="" if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[propget]")>0 then $strPrefix="get_" if stringinstr($tmpLine,"[propput]")>0 then $strPrefix="put_" consolewrite($strPrefix) ;~ consolewrite($tOutputline & @CRLF) ;~ consolewrite($tmpLine) ;~ _arraydisplay($aArray) EndFunc func getNewType($str) $retVal=stringregexp($str, "[A-Za-z0-9_]+", $STR_REGEXPMATCH) ;~ if stringleft($str,"3") = "ret" then consolewrite($retVal & $str & @CRLF) if $retval=0 then return $str $tStr=$str & "," $objTypes="none,byte,boolean,short,word,ushort,int,long,bool,dword," & _ "ulong,uint,hresult,int64,uint64,ptr,hwnd,handle,float," & _ "double,int_ptr,long_ptr,lresult,lparam,uint_ptr,ulong_ptr,"& _ "dword_ptr,wparam,str,wstr,bstr,variant,idispatch,object," & _ "clsid,struct,*,**" if stringinstr($objtypes,$tstr)>0 Then return $str return "ptr" EndFunc  
    • By AnonymousX
      So I just got a new computer, and instantly went and installed Autoit onto it. I selected run script as default action when clicking on an au3 file, however every time I do this it opens the script in the editor. I can from there run the script no problem.
      I've tried reinstalling and checking the settings by hitting "Ctrl+1" and have confirmed it is set to run, but yet it just continues to open in the editor.
      Any ideas why this is happening or how to solve?
      New system is windows 10, old was windows 7
    • By HariKara
      Hi AutoIters!
      Im trying to launch a .exe file that is nested within the program files (x86) folder structure. i have already used the standard RunAs Syntax and found that it fails to launch the application. I have switched to Run and that seems to work. My issue is I have to use RunAs as the applicaton would need to run under a completely different account. The Current logged in user is a Local User on the machine, however, the application must be run as a domain user. The Machine is domain connected.
       have tried the following:
      RunAs("username","logonpassword", $RUN_LOGON_PROFILE, "D:\Program Files (x86)\Vendor\Application Name\Exe Location\Executable.exe") The above fails to launch, there are no errors or syntax issues, it just does nothing when the variables are replaced for the correct values.
      I did the same using the Run command
      Run("D:\Program Files (x86)\Vendor\Application Name\Exe Location\Executable.exe") That seems to work fine, but runs in local user context. Any thoughts? Could it be a local Machine rights issue? Or have i missed something glaring in my script
    • By nacerbaaziz
      i have searched a lot about how to run external programs with the administrator privileges without the script running with administrator privileges using autoit
      But all my attempts failed
      Finally, today I found the VBS function doing this task
      I immediately transferred it to our beloved language (autoit) and i decided to share it with you
      i hope you like it
      This is a simple example about how to use the function

      runAsAdmin("cmd.exe", "/c @echo off & cls & echo test & pause", "c:\", @sw_show)
      this is the function

      func runAsAdmin($program, $parameters = "", $workingDir = @workingDir, $show = "") local $oShell = OBJCreate("Shell.Application") if isOBJ($oShell) then local $result = $oShell.ShellExecute($program, $parameters, $workingDir, "runas", $show) else $result = false endIf return $result endFunc
    • By PoojaKrishna
      Hi friends,
      The Run command on my machine suddenly stopped execution.
      Anyone of you facing the same issue?
      #include <AutoItConstants.au3> #include <FileConstants.au3.> #RequireAdmin $ExeName = FileOpenDialog("Select AutoIt executable", @ScriptDir & "\", "(*.exe)", $FD_FILEMUSTEXIST) If not @error Then If FileExists($ExeName) Then $iPID = Run($ExeName, "", @SW_HIDE, $STDIN_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) If @error Then msgbox(0,"Failed", "Failed execution with @error: " & @error) EndIf Else Msgbox(0,"", "File does not exist") EndIf EndIf The above code always fails to execute the executable file. It was working perfect and stopped working now.
      I have tried adding the files and folders to windows defender exclusion list and uninstalling the anti virus but still no luck.
      OS: Windows 10 - 64 bit
      Please help.
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