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Copy a directory using WinAPIEx function

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Hi Guys!

I'm trying to copy a folder from location A to location B. The DirCopy embedded function works great, but if the folder is large, my little program freeze, so that the user doesn't understand what's going on. I've found many solutions in this forum, but not for me.

So... All I want to do is delegate to someone the folder copy process... To Windows, obviously! :D

The API is a good solution I found... _WinAPI_CopyFileEx works like a charm, but it is for files only! :( I tried to insert a folder (with or without final /), but fails.

Is there an API functions for me? Please... help me!





Attached code from help (_WinAPI_CopyFileEx)



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¿Why no use _WinAPI_ShellFileOperation or IFileOperation?



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Thanks guys! I'll try and report here the result.




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