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Disable Consolewrite after compiling to speed up my .exe (making a OCR)

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what would be a easy way to disable Consolewrite after compiling to speed up my .exe?


I have been making a program to read some text in pictures on display, and it is going pretty decent but it is slowish and I need to speed things up. for example i need to try to get it down to under 2 seconds a page, (i have to do it real time )

but now i do about 5-6 seconds about a page and then a friend told me that actually console write actually is still doing his thing when compiled but then it is not needed for me anymore.

does anyone has any tips for me?


Regards A depressed and rusty wannabe programmer who was unable to do anything for  14 months

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I would do a search and replace, put a semicolon in front of the replacement text, and the it will not have any affect while compiled just a comment in your codeas even though it may not write, it may still execute? 

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Could just wrap the function ...

Global $Debug = False

Func _ConsoleWrite($string)
    If Not $Debug Then Return
    ConsoleWrite($string & @LF)

You might still grt overhead of the call but it's negligable compared to the ConsoleWrite

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