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Misc.au3 : function library not found

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I have simple script with
#include <Misc.au3>

placed in custom directory. I have copied and placed Misc.au3 from AutoIt installation directory into this directory. I still get the same (not found) error. Where does AutoIt ahk script look for the Misc.au3 file? Where should the Misc.au3 file be placed?

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AutoIt ou AHK? Pick your choice and stick to it. For AutoIt use AutoIt help.

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This wonderful site allows debugging and testing regular expressions (many flavors available). An absolute must have in your bookmarks.
Another excellent RegExp tutorial. Don't forget downloading your copy of up-to-date pcretest.exe and pcregrep.exe here
RegExp tutorial: enough to get started
PCRE v8.33 regexp documentation latest available release and currently implemented in AutoIt beta.

SQLitespeed is another feature-rich premier SQLite manager (includes import/export). Well worth a try.
SQLite Expert (freeware Personal Edition or payware Pro version) is a very useful SQLite database manager.
An excellent eBook covering almost every aspect of SQLite3: a must-read for anyone doing serious work.
SQL tutorial (covers "generic" SQL, but most of it applies to SQLite as well)
A work-in-progress SQLite3 tutorial. Don't miss other LxyzTHW pages!
SQLite official website with full documentation (may be newer than the SQLite library that comes standard with AutoIt)

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Welcome to AutoIt and the forum!

Is the custom directory you placed the Misc.au3 include correctly configured in ScITE config?

My UDFs and Tutorials:


Active Directory (NEW 2018-06-01 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki
OutlookEX (2018-01-27 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki
ExcelChart (2015-04-01 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts
Excel - Example Scripts - Wiki
Word - Wiki
PowerPoint (2015-06-06 - Version - Download - General Help & Support

ADO - Wiki


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As far as I know, just putting the include files in the same directory as the script should work.

Quick test: I created c:\tmp\testinclude.au3:

MsgBox(0, 0, "hi")

... and c:\tmp\test.au3:

#include <testinclude.au3>
MsgBox(0, 0, "bye")

... and that works like a charm, started from scite. Exe compilation is also fine. c:\tmp is not configured as a custom include dir, in fact I just created the directory.

Maybe you could try something that too and if it works, work from there to see what is different in your script? Wild guesses: file rights? network paths?

And what's the actual error? If the #include file can't be found, scite should give "error: can't open include file <....>" and not "not found"... Just making sure we're talking about the same thing.

Maybe you could post a reproducer script?

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