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Force kill a process that hangs

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ProcessClose works for ending a program. But now and then the program I try to close hangs (it does NOT show Not responding title,it  just hangs). In that case ProcessClose is not able to close it. But manually I could click the X. 


So any suggestions how to close it anyway.... (except for clicking the x).

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Thanks for the tips. Both winclose and the WINAPI terminateprocess can not do it. 


Indeed if I press the cross manually it will terminate. 

So weird. Should be easily fixable I would think.

I am able to get the process handle, which I thought maybe did not work, but it does...

WinKill also does not work...

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Well i've tried

WinKill("title of app")

Winclose ("tile of app"), also by class

_WinAPI_TerminateProcess ( $hProcess)  by handle

the code of the app that hangs I cannot provide since it is a closed source thing (not mine).



btw I just noticed the class of the process is changed into Ghost when it hangs. 


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6 hours ago, barresoft said:

         $command="taskkill /im yourExecutable.exe /f"


RunWait (@comspec & " /c TaskKill /PID " & $PID & " /F")

That will work all the times.  Tested for life !

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