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Modifying windows ui elements

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Hi, this is my first post ever on this board so I just hope I'm not making a mistake by posting here :)

This is my question : I was wondering if it was possible in autoit to modify an element from the windows explorer ui, for example in the start menu, I want to replace the search bar with another search bar from another program (in this case the program is called "everything" a file search engine)

I want to replace the white framed element in the first image with the black framed one in the second, since I can detect it with autoit windows info tool I think this might be possible



Many thanks for helping !

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I dont know of any way to do that. Unless someone does, i guess you're stuck with starting "everything" someway and use it. The most aprox. way to do something similar like windows has, is to have your program in tray running, and then when you hover over the icon, make it expand for example, and then do whatever.


Paster - Main function is to paste text, but has more functions. (No longer mantained, switched to String Trigger)

Renamer - Rename files and folders, remove portions of text from the filename etc.

GPO Tool - Export/Import Group policy settings.

MirrorDir - Synchronize/Backup/Mirror Folders

BeatsPlayer - Music player.

Params Tool - Right click an exe to see it's parameters or execute them.

String Trigger - Triggers pasting text or applications or internet links on specific strings.

Inconspicuous - Hide files in plain sight, not fully encrypted.

Regedit Control - Registry browsing history, quickly jump into any saved key.

Time4Shutdown - Write the time for shutdown in minutes.

Power Profiles Tool - Set a profile as active, delete, duplicate, export and import.

Firefox Profile Backup - Backup/restore previously saved profile.

Finished Task Shutdown - Shuts down pc when specified window/Wndl/process closes.

NetworkSpeedShutdown - Shuts down pc if download speed goes under "X" Kb/s.

IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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