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hi; sry for my bad english.


I need a script for auto execute various click on screen; but in the screen the script must search a specific "mission" and this "mission" not always same position

in attach the example of "mission". I need the script click on the mission "fumo e fiamme" and "aggiornare la missione per x". the colour is the same for all mission and i cant use the pixel function.

is possible with autoit or other program?

i dont know if this is out the rules but if anyone can make the script i pay the work.


sorry again for my english and for my strange request

thank you and marry christmas :)



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Oh boy... another one.


Paster - Main function is to paste text, but has more functions.

OpenW - Open With... alternative, Open any file with any application, set it's icon, set application as default.

Renamer - Rename files and folders, remove portions of text from the filename etc.

BeatsPlayer - Music player.

Params Tool - Right click an exe to see it's parameters or execute them.

Regedit Control - Registry browsing history, quickly jump into any saved key.

Time4Shutdown - Write the time for shutdown in minutes.

Power Profiles Tool - Set a profile as active, delete, duplicate, export and import.

Firefox Profile Backup - Backup/restore previously saved profile.

Finished Task Shutdown - Shuts down pc when specified window/Wndl/process closes.

NetworkSpeedShutdown - Shuts down pc if download speed goes under "X" Kb/s.

IUIAutomation - Topic with framework and examples


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