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[Solved] All windows taken off WinSetOnTop

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I'm wondering if there is a way to remove all windows with the status set on top? 

I know this can be easily done if you know the title or have the window as an active window, but I'm wondering if there is something that will apply to all windows at once to remove this status?


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15 hours ago, spudw2k said:

You can try using the WinList function in conjuntion with the _WinAPI_SetWindowPos function.




Thanks that was exactly what I needed. 

For future reference here's the function I used:

HotKeySet("^\", "Toggletop"); toggles window from being set to top
Global $topstatus = 0; determins if a window has been set on top

while true

Func Toggletop()

    if $topstatus== 0 Then;No window is on top
        $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]")
    Else;A window is on top
        $allwind = WinList()
        For $i=0 to UBound($allwind)-1 step 1

    ;WinSetOnTop($window,"",1);My GUI that I permanently want on top



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