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array incorrect number of subscripts ? works sometimes sometimes not ?

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hey guys, 

im using a shuffle function to shuffle the lines read in a textdocument . sometimes i get the number of subscripts error, sometimes not although i dont change the script. where is the mistake ?

#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Func start() 

Global $zeilen = _FileCountLines( "C:\users\edon\desktop\registrierungsueberpruefer v1.1\zuueberpruefendenummern.txt")
Dim $in[$zeilen]

For $s = 0 to ($zeilen-1)

    $in[$s] =FileReadLine("zuueberpruefendenummern.txt",($s+1))



$out = _Shuffle($in)


Func _Shuffle($aIn)
    Dim $aOut[UBound($aIn)]

    Dim $iRand
    Dim $iNext = 0

    While UBound($aIn) > 1
        $iRand = Random(0,UBound($aIn)-1,1)

        $aOut[$iNext] = $aIn[$iRand] 
        $iNext += 1


    $aOut[$iNext] = $aIn[0]

    Return $aOut

the error points at the line where the $ain[$iRand] value gets stored to the $aout array... 

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Nothing jumping out at me at first glance, but I am curious...did you see or try the _ArrayShuffle function in the UDF?  If so, did it not handle your needs?

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so the first problem was the path because it didnt work at all . i  changed it now and it works after the second start.  

this is not such a big problem, but its very interesting for me why it wont work at the first start and give me the error. ill investigate more in this and try to get more information when it occurs and when not, now ill try if the error occurs when i build it to an exe

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1 minute ago, LeCarre said:

#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

Global $in

_FileReadToArray("C:\users\edon\desktop\registrierungsueberpruefer v1.1\zuueberpruefendenummern.txt",$in,0)

so i can use these 3 lines instead of that shuffle function? are you sure ? thxxxx !

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