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I have ran into some issues with image search.  Every time I run the script, it never finds the image in the browser, but if I open the image directly on the desktop, it'll find it no problem.


Why is this? Any way around it?

 Func ImageSearchFarm ()
     Local $picture = 'C:\Users\Jammmesss\Desktop\AutoIt\New folder\Icon.png'
     Local $x1 = 0
     Local $y1 = 0
         $result = _ImageSearch($picture,1,$x1,$y1,0,0)

         ConsoleWrite ($result)
     until $result = 1;
     if $result=1 Then
         MsgBox (0,'MSG','End')


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On 3/27/2017 at 2:14 PM, IamKJ said:

Can be closed.  Figured it out.

It would be useful to the community to share how you solved it. 

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