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MouseMove inconsistent speed

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If I use MouseMove and set the speed to, say, 100, then it will move quickly and slow down during the traversal.

The speed is inconsistent. It starts fast and slows down. I've tested this extensively.

A. Is there a reason for this

B. Why isn't this mentioned in the documentation?

C. What's the fix?

I need non-instant mouse movement, but having it have this "feature" ruins my scripts.

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@square65 can you please provide a reproducer that shows the behavior you're referencing? I don't use MouseMove, as it is inherently unreliable, but with this short snippet I am seeing consistent movement:

While 1
    MouseMove(100, 200, 100)
    MouseMove(1000, 280, 100)
    MouseMove(300, 500, 100)

More importantly, what are you trying to automate that you must use MouseMove? In almost every situation, there is an easier way to accomplish what you're after.

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MouseMove (0, 0, 0)
MouseMove (1000, 1000, 100)

Moves quickly at first and then slows down. Also when it finishes its diagonal motion, at the end it moves straight down a bit which is also odd.

I'm creating a script that will have the cursor visit every point in a 2d grid.


edit: it actually moves a little to the right and then down at the very end. Giving it  weird wobbly behavior.

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The "slow-down" seems to be by design.  Even at slower speeds, the mouse "eases" into place at the end.  Now, why the drop at the end instead of a more direct path...not sure if that was a design decision or oversight.  

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The only way I can think of to solve this is to use a workaround  :think:
Here is one - quickly done, no error checking, etc

_MyMouseMoveAtConstantSpeed(100, 100, 1000, 700, 200)

Func _MyMouseMoveAtConstantSpeed($x0, $y0, $x1, $y1, $k)
  ; params : x start, ystart, x end, y end, speed (higher = slower)
  Local $dx = $x1-$x0, $dy = $y1-$y0, $a = ($dx=0) ? 0 : $dy/$dx
  MouseMove ($x0, $y0, 0)
  For $i = 0 to $k
    If $dx = 0 Then
       $x = $x0
       $y = $y0 + ($i*$dy)/$k
      $x = $x0 + ($i*$dx)/$k
      $y = $y0 + $a*($x-$x0)
    MouseMove ($x, $y, 1)

Sorry, forgot to mention : same issue on XP SP3

Edited by mikell
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This appears to be a Windows or a driver issue rather than a MouseMove bug. I see the mouse movement the same as the OP on Win10, but I've never seen it behave like that on any other OS I've used it on. I'm running on an HP laptop, using a synaptics touch pad driver.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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