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How to get previous date from a string

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I have date in the string format as "DD-MM-YYYY".


I need to get yesterday's date from it.

I tried converting this from _DateTimeFormat but not working.

Is there any direct UDF available to get this.?

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Oh!! Thanks @jguinch

Unnecessarily, I created below logic in the meanwhile.

Func yeterdayDate($sDate)

$f =  StringSplit($sDate,"-");StringSplit("22-01-2018","-")
if $f[1]>1 then
    $f[1]-= 1
    If Number($f[2])-1 =1 or Number($f[2])=3 or Number($f[2])=5 or Number($f[2])=7 or Number($f[2])=8 or Number($f[2])=10 or Number($f[2])=12 Then
    ElseIf Number($f[2] - 1) < 1 Then


return $f[1]&"-"&$f[2]&"-"&$f[3]


Func padZero(ByRef $sValue)
    if Number($sValue)<10 Then
        $sValue = "0"&Number($sValue)


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#Include <Date.au3>

Local $sDate = "01-01-2018"
Local $sDatePreviousDay = _DateAdd("D", -1,  StringRegExpReplace($sDate, "(\d{2})[/-](\d{2})[/-](\d{4})", "$3/$2/$1") )


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