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hi, wonderfull ide so compliments for that


  • Project explorer handle multiple projects
  • Left to the project explorer a vertical toolbar (with vertical text) with buttons/text from
    • tools menu (So quickly can go to AU3inf etc)
    • library menu which quickly shows me all include files of AutoIt
    • ....
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Thanks for your ideas and feedback ;)

6 minutes ago, junkew said:

Project explorer handle multiple projects

A "lite" version of your idea already exists. Go to settings -> General and activate "Show also in projectmode a shortcut to projects in the projecttree" and restart ISN. (Yeah i konow stupid naming xD xD (proposal requested ^^)
Then you should see all your Projects in the Projecttree for easy accessing ;)

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I fixed the file. There were 2 errors in line 867 and 899. There was a space after the str867 = XXX. This caused the shifting.
I also fixed the variables. It should be %1 (or %studioversion%), not % 1 (% studioversion%).

I attached you my fixed version.


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Hi ISI360! Hi all!

I just discovered and installed ISN AutoIt Studio so I can not yet say much but the first impression is being emotionally blown away. THANK YOU, ISI360 for developing this!!!!!! I "love" you for that!

Now I havee to use it and come back with ideas for even further improvement and in almost all software as of yet I have also found some bugs as well. Keep it up!

Regards, S.

P.S.: A word to the modorators & admins here:

I really don't know why this thread is not sticky and in a more prominent sub-forum. It is not intuitive to look for AutoIt IDE's in the sub forum "AutoIt Example Scripts". I also found this only because I googled for it and then first found the thread over at the German forum. I only found it here after I did a forum search for the full explicit name "ISN AutoIt Studio". This should be sticky in the sub-forum "AutoIt Technical Discussion" for lack of an even better fitted place.

Edited by autocart
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Alrighty, 1 bug, 1 suggestion:

I am running ISN AutoIt Studio in "au3-mode" (not compiled)

parameter editor does not work (see attached image)

It seems that when checked in settings to use some or all file types (au3, isn, isp, icp) with ISN AutoIt Studio, then on each program start it not only checks if those file types still are associated but if not then it overwrites the file associations WITHOUT warning or asking. This is not good. At least the user should be asked once if this should always be done like that and it should be possible to turn this behaviour off or on in the settings.

Also, Studio will insert file associations to only a compiled version of Studio (Autoit_Studio.exe). Since I am using the au3-version, this behaviour is not desired but hindering. When using the uncombiled au3-version, Studio should really create associations like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe" "C:\....\ISN AutoIt Studio\Autoit_Studio.au3" "%1"

With both of the above described behaviours regarding associations in combination, I almost smashed my monitor to pieces getting mad at Windows. Turned out, the culprit was Studio itself after all. At least my neighbors now know that I am at home. :-|

Regards, S.


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Thanks for your feedback, and welcome to ISN ;)

About the fileextenstions: Yeah i know there are some problemes and i had to readjust that. It¬īs on the To-Do List...
And the parameter Editor: This error message appears because the command is not finished. So GuiCreate() for example should work.

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1 hour ago, ISI360 said:

Thanks for your feedback, and welcome to ISN ;)

About the fileextenstions: Yeah i know there are some problemes and i had to readjust that. It¬īs on the To-Do List...

Thank you very much!


1 hour ago, ISI360 said:

And the parameter Editor: This error message appears because the command is not finished. So GuiCreate() for example should work.

ah, I did not realize that the two brackets () must be there. works now. thx again.

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ISN AutoIt Studio Update Version 1.08 is online now!

First of all: For fans of the formstudio there is not much new in this update ... but many many more detail-improvements in the ISN Studio itself. I think (hope) you will like it ...

Happy testing!

Changelog: (by google translator)

-> ISN AutoIt Studio: <-
- Various bugfixes
- Flickering in the program settings / project settings when changing the pages fixed
- When using the "Black Themes", the file was opened or saved dialogues funny. This is now fixed.
- Compile additional files dialog now works as it should.
- Plugins can no longer overlay windows / dialogs of AutoIt Studio.
- Fixed wrong AutoIt Code colors in Parameter Editor.
- Inserting text in Script Editor slowed down and to the ISN. This is fixed now.
- Files are now marked correctly in the project tree after moving / copying.
- Keywoords, which are connected by a hyphen (eg # include-once), are now also displayed in the autocomplete.
- Fixed Windows "Ding" sound bug on some hotkeys (eg CTRL + F)
- File links (eg .icp) now also work in the source version of the ISN AutoIt Studio.
- Flickering / flickering of the menu bar reduced in various actions.

- Syntax update for AutoIt version
- Autocomplete now suggests include files as well. (With <> Includes from the AutoIt directory, with "" * .au3 and * .isf data from the project directory)
- Test project expanded a bit. (And documented in English)
- Updated French translation (thx to Swirti)
- Updated Dutch (Dutch) translation (thx to Elwin Wildschut)
- AutoIt icons updated
- Search results are now always centered in the script editor.
- The Compile More Files window can now be maximized or arbitrarily resized.
- Tabs are now possible in the Parameter Editor.
- Search results from the dialog "Search in Files" are now marked directly in the script.
- In the Parameter Editor, the "Preview" area has been replaced by a Scintilla Control. Thus, the code is now highlighted in color and longer lines of code can be displayed.
- #CS (# comments-start) / #CE (# comments-end), #Region / #EndRegion and Do / Until are now autocomplete
- Improved behavior of calltips. Eg. Calltips always show the current parameter when moving the cursor with the arrow keys.
- The menus in the main window (File, Edit, etc.) have been reorganized.
- Script tabs are now marked with a * as soon as changes have been made.
- Autocomplete can now be completed with TAB or SPACE. As always both can be deactivated in the program settings.
- In the program settings the displayed options can now be scrolled. There are even more settings per page! : P
- The QuickView area can now be further personalized in the program settings (Display -> QuickView). So can be eg. Now you can move tabs between each other or deactivate them completely.
Furthermore, settings are now available for the various tabs. Yes, even a plugin can now be displayed in the QuickView area. (see new features)
- The "Code Store" in the QuickView area has been renamed "Notes". The content is now automatically saved when closing the project.
- The tabs in the ISN now have a tooltip that displays the file path of the open file.
- Changes to the color settings for the Script Editor are now active immediately. Not until opening the next file.
- The "Jump to line" dialog has been revised.
- Some program settings require a reboot of the ISN AutoIt Studio. If this is the case, the reboot can be carried out directly on request.
- If the file associations used by the ISN (eg .icp) are being used by another program, a warning will be displayed at program startup.

[New Features]
- Plugins can now be undocked from the ISN into a separate window. So can eg. The ISN Form Studio 2 undocked and positioned on its own monitor!
Undocking a tab works by right-clicking on the tab or via the "File" menu. The re-docking in the ISN is of course also possible. (Via a button in the ISN itself or in the context menu of the title bar of the undocked window)
- The ISN now supports autoformatting while writing code. So for example. () automatically inserts "" or spaces between elements. Furthermore, parentheses or strings, which are already closed, can be overwritten directly. This option is now activated by default and can be deactivated in the program settings on request.
- The Parameter Editor now supports multi-line script elements.
- There are now two new buttons in the Parameter Editor with which a contiguous line break or a parameter break can be inserted in a command chain.
- There is a new button in the ToDo list: Reset task (task is moved to the first category)
- The option "Automatically highlight hits when marking" in the program settings now has a new additional function: "Add additional marker to line" adds a marker at the beginning of the line.
So the search hits are easier to find. This option is activated by default.
- Improved search function in the script editor. Search ranges can now be defined. (Like comments or strings)
- The tool "DBUG" contained in the ISN has been updated to version 2018.05.24.
- New function under "Edit": Show CallTip (CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE)
- For the Script Editor, the following new options are available in the View menu: Show border for code folding, Show border for markers, Show text indentations, Show line end, Show vertical indents
- On request, almost all window positions of the ISN can now be saved or restored. The whole can be found in the program settings under Display -> Monitor and Window. This option is active by default.
- New plugin placeholder: quickview. A plugin with this placeholder can be displayed as a separate tab in the QuickView area.
- The tab caption in the QuickView area can now be deactivated. (Program Settings -> Display -> QuickView)
- The toolbar of the ISN AutoIt Studio can now also be displayed vertically on the left edge of the window. (Program Settings -> Display -> Toolbar)
- New hotkey: close the project
- Regions can now be opened / closed separately via View -> Expand / Collapse Segments. (including hotkey!)
- In the context menu of the Script Editor (or in the "Edit" menu or as a hotkey), there is now the function "Execute selected code area". This passes the marked area to a temporary AutoIt file and starts it.
- The script editor now supports multi-cursor text input or text markings (with CTRL or ALT). The whole is active by default and can be deactivated on request in the program settings again.
- Selected text in the Script Editor can now be enclosed in parentheses by pressing a parenthesized character (eg "{"). The following elements are supported: "", '', (), {}, []
The whole thing works well with multi-cursor block markers! The whole is activated by default and can be deactivated in the program settings.

-> ISN Form Studio 2: <-
- Various bugfixes
- Fixed code bug on toolbars.

- "Softbuttons" are now called "Command Link Buttons"
- Command Link Buttons can now use any icon. This can be defined directly in the control editor.

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I love this new version and I have some suggestions for Form Studio 2: 
1. A feature to set default font, font size... for all controls of Form so that I can create new controls faster
2. Undo and Redo features for Form Studio 2

Thanks for developing this nice AutoIt IDE!

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GUISetFont as Extracode just take effect after running app, if I have a feature to set default font name, size I can add new control directly in Form Studio 2 and It take effect immediately (It's faster then changing one by one when a control was added) and It help me easier to create a complex Form with various button, label, inputbox :D.
And Undo/Redo: ... Hope to see it soon :D:D:D

Thanks for your answer ^_^

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