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If there are option enabled:
Project Settings => Change logs => Always use the author of project as editor
If open window:
Project => Change logs
And press Button:
Field Editor will autofilled with Author name. But This name is Wrong, it is not Author of the project but current windows user :(


On the screen expected author "Belfigor", not "Администратор", because Belfigor is an author of the current project and "Администратор" is currently active windows user. Fix please :(


And how to fix:

1) Open file: Includes/ISN_Studio_Addons.au3

2) Find line 9807:

IniWrite($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, $Changelog_Section, "editor[" & $NewitemID & "]", @UserName)

3) Delete line 9807, add new lines:

If _ProjectISN_Config_Read("changelog_use_author_from_project", "false") = "true" Then
        IniWrite($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, $Changelog_Section, "editor[" & $NewitemID & "]", _ProjectISN_Config_Read("author", ""))
        IniWrite($Pfad_zur_Project_ISN, $Changelog_Section, "editor[" & $NewitemID & "]", @UserName)

Done. Now field Author will use correct source for Author name



github variation of bugreport: https://github.com/Belfi/ISN-Autoit-Studio/issues/1

github variation of fix: https://github.com/Belfi/ISN-Autoit-Studio/commit/eba6527cd7d455d2ca6ac540569df34ce3c9bac2

p.s.s. create official ISN repo 😍

[size="1"]My bear is so cute asleep in the closet, not even drinking vodka. My nuclear bomb name is Natasha.[/size]

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@Docfxit Good to hear that it worked for you, though it's the same exe file as on the official Studio site - so there shouldn't had been any differences in downloading and running the file 🤔, and as I wrote the only "error" I got when dl in a clean win10, was that the publisher couldn't be verified.



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Hi guys!

It´s update time again! ISN AutoIt Studio version 1.09 is online!

A special thanks for beta testing this time goes to the user @Rex ! 😎

Happy testing, and as always: Feedback desired 👍

Changelog (translated with google):


-> ISN AutoIt Studio: <-

- Various bugfixes
- "Save as" without file extension is no longer possible
- Fixed a bug where files could be opened twice
- The region name in #EndRegion has been converted to lower case by autocomplete. This is fixed now.
- In the change logs the setting for the author was not considered. This is fixed now.
- If the "Dark Theme" is used, the "Reset all colors" function in the color settings now correctly sets the dark color setting of the ISN. Previously, the color theme without skin was always restored.
- When running Tidy or the SyntaxCheck, any running script would always be terminated. This is fixed now.
- Fixed autocomplete bug for Select / EndSelect. Furthermore, the first "Case" element is automatically inserted in Select. (By the way, this also applies to Switch)
- Redraw problems in the script tree when minimizing or restoring the ISN window fixed.

- The function "Open external file" can now be inserted into the toolbar as an icon.
- The function "Jump to function" is now also available in the context menu of the script editor.
- ISN variables are now also known as uppercase letters. (e.g.,% MyISNDataDir%)
- In the change report all variables of the ISN can now be used. (e.g.,% MyISNDataDir%)
- Files and folders in the project tree can now be renamed directly in the tree structure. (No extra window needed)
- Updated French translation (thx to Swirti)
- The project tree now retains the currently selected element even after an update of the tree. (Also in the editor mode)
- ISN logo slightly revised
- "Create new file" dialog revised. In the dialog itself, the desired storage location can now be specified directly.
  Furthermore, if the new file has been created via the context menu of the project tree, the selected folder of the project tree is automatically proposed as the storage location.
- "New Folder" dialog revised. In the dialog itself, the desired storage location can now be specified directly.
  Furthermore, if the folder was created via the context menu of the project tree, the selected folder of the project tree is automatically proposed as the storage location.
- AutoIt Wrapper updated to version 19.102.1901.0
- High DPI mode now works with the source version of the ISN (thx to Maik)
- The text search (CTRL + F) can now be used in all Scintilla windows (eg in UDF Manager)
- The search bar in the script tree now has an empty input field button on the right edge
- .ico files are now displayed in the project tree directly with the icon
- Automatic autocomplete for braces improved
- If a .isn file is opened via Windows Explorer, which is already active in another session, this session is automatically brought to the foreground.
- When activating the option "Manage includes through the ISN" in the program settings, it is now checked whether there are already entries in the registry. If this is the case, an import option is offered.


[New Features]
- UDF Manager: The ISN now includes an integrated manager for your UDF functions! You can sort and label your UDFs in different folders there.
  The UDF path can be freely defined in the program settings. Default is% MyISNDataDir% \ UDFs.
  UDFs from this collection can, regardless of project, be inserted directly into your script via <> Include. (Attention: To do this the include paths have to be managed by the ISN -> see program settings)
  In addition, the UDF manager can directly generate CallTips and AutoComplete files for the ISN.
  The UDF manager can be found in the menubar under "Tools".
- In the context menu of the project tree, there are now the file operations "Copy, Cut and Paste" as in the Windows Explorer.
- New entry in the context menu of the project tree: "Select another program to open this file" -> Same function as "Open with .." in Windows Explorer.
- New entry in the context menu of the project tree: "Copy file path to clipboard"
- The search bar in the script tree now supports search suggestions during typing. This option is standard but can be disabled at any time. (Program Settings -> Script Editor -> Script Tree)
- There is now a small search bar that can be displayed above the script editor. (For a quick search in between)
  This option can be activated under "View -> Show small search bar above the script editor" or in the program settings under "Script Editor".
- Files can now be added directly via drag and drop from the project tree in the script as an include.
- In the QuickView area, there is now a separate "UDF Explorer" tab. This tab is almost the quick access of the UDF manager. You can search directly for your UDFs here and include them via drag and drop in your script.
  If the "UDF Explorer" is not visible to you, you may have to activate it in the program settings -> Appearance -> QuickView seperat.
- Function "Reload File Contents" has been added to the "File" menu. This function forces the ISN to reread the file contents of the current tab.
- New hotkey: Reload file contents
- The project tree now has its own search bar for searching your project.
- There are three new functions in the "Search" menu: Add all / Previous / Next copies of the selected word to the marker.

-> ISN Form Studio 2: <-

- Various bugfixes

[New Features]
- In the GUI properties, a default font + standard font size can now be defined for new controls. (thx to lyo)
- There is now (finally) an undo or redo function in the Formstudio! Due to the way in which the Formstudio works, the whole thing is unfortunately not very performant. But at least a beginning ...
- In the Control Editor, there is now a "Large" checkbox for icons (eg for button icons)
- In extracode you can now use the variables %x%,%y%,%widh% and %height%. These will later be replaced by the control values when generating the AutoIt code.
- The highlighted control in the editor can now be changed with Tab or Shift-Tab.
- Placing a control from the toolbox can now be aborted with ESC.


Edited by ISI360
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Thanks for the update!  I just donated another $20 and change (USD), so I hope that helps...

I'm struggling with a problem though: I need a lot of help using DBUG from within ISN Autoit Studio, even v1.09.  In the past, somehow or other I could enable a mode that showed a set of GUI controls that allowed me to set breakpoints and inspect variables and the like, but I simply cannot do it now. The DBUG option is Activated. I've tried both #include <_Dbug.au3> and "_DBug.au3", but neither works.  There's nothing I can find that will let me set a breakpoint.  If I just press F5, it just exists.

I'm asking you instead of the author of DBUG because I think the GUI aspects of DBUG were supplied by yourself and not him. Is this true?  If not, I'll ask him...



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Thanks for your donation 😘😎

For DBUG: You simply need to activate the advanced debugging under Tools -> Debugging -> Advanced Debugging with DBUG -> Enable.
You do NOT need to add the _DBug.au3 to your includes. (The ISN does this for you in the background 😅)

Then, every time you start your script/project the DEBUG GUI should appear and setting breakpoints and so on should work.

3 hours ago, Mbee said:

I think the GUI aspects of DBUG were supplied by yourself and not him.

Nope, the GUI Elements are not supplied from the ISN AutoIt Studio. They all come from the DBUG tool itselfe.

Edited by ISI360
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I thought I'd try it out.  I'm getting an error when I try to run a script saying:

"Cannot start script, AutoIt3.exe not found! Please check program paths!"

When I check the program paths in settings I don't see which path should be pointing to AutoIt3.exe.

I have AutoIt3.exe in C:\Programs\AutoIt3\Aut2Exe\Aut2exe.exe

And in the script folder.


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If you have a AutoIt3.exe in your C:\Programs\AutoIt3\Aut2Exe directory, then something is clearly wrong with your AutoIt installation :P
(Also you don´t need the exe in the script folder)

Normally (if autoit is installed properly) the path to autoit3.exe is "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe" OR "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe".
Check your paths in the ISN AutoIt Studio settings: File -> Program Settings -> File paths -> AutoIt paths.
There is also a button to find the needed paths automatically.

Hope it helps you.

Edited by ISI360
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