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Holds down a key on a few minimized window and writing handler as a number


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1. How do I make a multiple minimized windows at once believe I am holding down a key for like 5 seconds?

I know I can send minimized windows a key press with ControlSend.
What hat would be the way to simulate a 'humanly' held down key to a few minimized windows? 


2. How come: if I compare a handle's hexa value and the actual handler, I get false

For example: when the Notepad's handler value is 0x00000000000CFFFF, I always get the message box.

if(NOT(0x00000000000C0664 == WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad"))) Then
    MsgBox(0,"swi","0x00000000000CFFFF" & @CRLF & "lmao" & @CRLF & WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad"))


Why does that happen? also I can't use hexadecimal value as a handler when I use the ControlSend function.

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There is no point in scripting in handles.   they change every time a window is created.   maybe you are running the 64bit spy tool and 32bit autoit directive (default)?  it is possible to verify the return of wingethandle against a scripted handle like what you supplied. ..but 32bit handles are half the length


I suppose you can start several processes to controlsend to each window, but you won't be able to in one script.  you can't multithread with autoit.  some apps require the window to be active, which would also make this task impossible.   that's a windows OS limitation

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